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Gu Shao's Wife Hunting Plan Su Yan and Gu Sichen

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What should I do now? The incident at the airport was probably brought by someone else. It was that person who jumped the queue. Let's go to reason. On the other side of the phone, Lana's voice was very soft, and she spoke in an orderly way. She told Anshi Meng not to worry. Maybe it was one of Yang's recent confessions on the show that robbed someone's popularity, so now people buy black fans to blacken him. Yang Yi's popularity is actually very good, and there is no black spot at all from being an artist to now. I don't know what one of the black poplars is, so I talk about it. The company has been in contact with the airport staff at that time, we will carry out public relations, you do not worry, accompany him to finish the whole journey of the dream home. An Shimeng nodded his head and answered. Besides, she didn't know what else to say to her. After all, she was really a small white in terms of agent. By the way, I looked through my mailbox. I seem to be very busy with my work recently. It seems that I can't come out with Yang Yi next time. Yang Yi's agent should also be able to sort out Yang Yi's information, right? There is no agent who has been refusing to go to work after taking over the artist! I'm so angry! "Meatballs?" There was a sudden pat on the shoulder. An Shimeng turned his head in a trance,fake ficus tree, and when he saw one of Yang, he quickly smiled, "Those reporters, don't pester you?" "I've answered their questions, and they're still pestering me. Isn't that a bit excessive?"? Unless they want me to call security! Poof. Call security? This is not one of Yang's styles. If you call a security guard every time you meet a reporter, Yang Yi doesn't have to do anything all the year round,artificial grass panels, just call a security guard. Security guards all over the world will probably know one of Yang. I know there is a western restaurant nearby, and the food is very delicious. After my last shot, shall we go to eat? "It's really hard for you to come out with me." Yang Zhiyi bent down slightly, like a little milk dog, muttering, "Miss Maruko, are you tired?"? "I'll pound your back or not!" "Nothing to be gallant about!" An Shimeng skimmed one of Yang and patted one of Yang on the head with one hand. Yang Yi grinned, what can he be gallant or not! I just want to go to dinner with Anshimeng later. So, what did you just say to the reporter? An Shimeng is still more curious about this, outdoor ficus tree ,outdoor palm trees, even a few words can let the group of reporters no longer pester him. I say Yang opened his mouth and then closed his mouth. "I won't tell you." "Why don't you tell me? It's not a shameful answer." "For you." That's the shameful answer. "What are you talking about?" An Shimeng's face sank in an instant, pointing at one of Yang. Yang Yi stuck out his tongue and did not speak. Just as the director asked him to shoot a scene, he went. An Shimeng stood in the same place, confused. What did you say?! So much so that. An Shimeng asked Yang Yi all the way until the meal time. An Shimeng turned over his cell phone, took a fork in one hand, and poked it hard on the steak. An Shimeng raised his head, and Yang Yi was eating steak, leisurely and carefree. Yang Yi, are you crazy? You should tell reporters to answer their questions when we get married later! Holy shit! We're getting married?! Yang Yi raised his head, looked at Anshi Meng's line of sight, and giggled, "What's wrong?" "I'm just trying to prevaricate. Besides, even if it's true, there's nothing wrong with us getting married." He was eating and his cheeks were bulging. An Shimeng opened his mouth, raised his hand, and scratched his hair. "What if we don't get married?" "Then think of it as giving them the runaround." "You're buried in this pit. Your Weibo will explode in five minutes. If you don't believe me, we'll see!" An Shimeng snorted coldly, put down the mobile phone in his hand, and picked up the knife and fork on one side. Yang Zhiyi is crazy, really crazy. He dared to say the word "marriage" to the reporter.
And If he said he would get married and then answer them, the reporters would think-are you two going to get married recently? Look! As soon as Anshi Meng's idea fell, there was one about his marriage on the hot search. One of Yang is suspected of getting married recently. Once poked in, it is the copy and paste of various marketing numbers. Eight of the ten marketing numbers are the same, and the remaining two have a few more expressions. I'm afraid you're really going to become a star who is only famous on the hot search. Hurry up and shoot! Shoot a variety show! Record a song, okay! Bastard! An Shimeng stuffed the steak into her mouth as she complained. One of Yang looked at Anshimeng carefully, and his smile slowly dispersed. If I propose to you, will you marry me? The movement of Anshi Meng's hand suddenly stopped, and he could not help glancing at him. But the expression on his face was unusually serious and did not look like a joke. It's just that there's an "if" in front of his words. Yes, why don't you marry? An Shimeng did not hesitate and gave the answer decisively. Then let's get married. As Yang Yi's words fell, An Shimeng almost didn't come up in one breath. Ha Yes, we can get married. Please stabilize your career first! An Shimeng cut off a small piece of beef and saw Yang open his mouth and want to say something. An Shimeng handed over the beef almost without thinking. Feed yourself and get married. Yang Yi quickly sat up straight. "I'm serious." "I'm serious, too." She nodded. "Where did you see that I wasn't serious?" Yang Zhiyi thought about it and handed in the mobile phone in his hand,artificial coconut palm trees, "The mobile phone is for you!" "What for?" An Shimeng blinked his eyes and looked puzzled. All the bank cards in my account are bound to the bank app, and all the money is given to you! I have never flirted with a girl in Wechat, and my circle is very clean. And my parents urged me to take you home in Wechat! I want to give myself and everything I have to you! Do you think it's all right? 。