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Good things to do during Hajj

Submitted by Abdulmaaz on Tue, 09/29/2020 - 04:13

Hajj is the holy worship and is the blessing of Allah Almighty. It is expensive and cannot be performed easily but as Islam is the religion which takes care of its followers. Allah has made it compulsory to only those who are able to afford it physically and also monetarily. The rites of this worship are only performed in a specific place told by Allah. Without that place it cannot be performed in any other areas. Hajj Umrah travel agency is responsible for taking you to that holy place.

We have to avoid the bad habits during the whole journey for this worship as it is the holy worship and is performed to get the happiness of Allah Almighty. Performing it clears all the past sins. So a pilgrim requires to do good deeds and remain away from all the bad deeds that can affect his/her character. All the pilgrims should live a positive life according to Islam during the days of Hajj to make their character positive.
There are many bad habits from which a person should remain away. These are: abusing, fighting, stealing, having gaze at females and harming others. These all restrictions are to make person’s character positive. Muslims should practice good deeds instead. Following good deeds should be followed by all the Muslims during Hajj.

Good deeds:

• A person should offer prayer and should pray for his/her parents.
• Pilgrim is required to speak the truth.
• A pilgrim should live with a smiling face.
• A pilgrim should build strong relations with the people of other countries.
• A pilgrim should offer extra Nawafil to make Allah happy and to become close to Him.
• Pray for whole the Ummah of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).
• Say Assalam-o-Alaikum to every person who meets you during Hajj days because it is the Sunnah of Holy Prophet.
• All the pilgrims should take care of each other during the days of Hajj.
• If a pilgrim becomes ill other pilgrims should visit him in the hospital and present him gifts to make him happy.
• All the pilgrims should live with unity.
• Don’t push one another when there is crowd because it is the habit of animals. Human beings are considered as the best creation because they have a sense to differentiate between good and bad.
• Try to help the old people.
• Offer a meal to someone.
• Don’t gaze at females. Respect all the pilgrims.
• If someone needs help, help him before he asks for the help.
• Live with patience and don’t do anything horridly because it may harm you and also others.
• Pray to Allah for the welfare of yourself in this world and the world hereafter.
• Wherever you go you should remember Dua for that place. For example you should pray dua for going to mosque, for going to washroom or for going to market.
• Live your whole life according to Islam.
• Don’t disturb others.
• Pilgrims should preach Islam in between themselves.
• Pilgrims should talk to the people of different countries to seek many things from them. You can also ask them their way of living and also their culture. You may like their culture.
• Seek trade from each other.

All these are the good deeds that should be done during the days of Hajj. If you want to become a pilgrim you should book Umrah Packages Birmingham from the good famed travel that is Islamic travel. Contact on 0203-970-4500 for further details. Agent will never ask personal information from you.