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Golden Hand Scholar-Zhuge Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise

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Sure enough, Ma Sanlong's hands are cruel and black, and he has always been extremely vicious. At the first sight of the reputation of "Eight Dragons of the Western Regions", but Er Er, his "Nine White Bone Claws" strength is enough to restrain the other side, where is he willing to tolerate? Then a move as fast as a move, a type of ruthless in a type of ground, to the "purple dragon arhat" like a storm, one after another to attack eight palms! "Purple Dragon Arhat" reluctantly to deal with these eight palms down, has been the viscera churning, jumpy, know that it is not the enemy! He didn't dare to act recklessly again, so he had to beg for help and shouted to Chun Yu Wan: [One page missing here] And so on, walk to the riverside, Ma Sanlong has his own boat, floating away! With a calm face, Ouyang Mei asked the receptionist by the river, "What's going on?"? "How come there are two'Nine Demons' in the list of visitors?" As soon as the receptionist said it in a hurry, Ouyang Mei was a little incredulous, but when she saw Yuwen Bei, who was dressed in a white robe and described as a ghost, she was timid and fled, and it was obvious that there was a reason for it, so she had to ask Chunyu Wan with a rather curious look: "Is this the real Yuwen Bei?" Chunyu Wan nodded and replied, "I am Yu Wenbei, and he is Ma Sanlong.". My name and the nickname of'Nine Self Demons' have been stolen by him for many years. I finally met him today and thought I could kill him for revenge. But this fellow was so cunning that he was still living in a boat to cross the river and escape! When the "Purple Dragon Arhat" saw Ouyang Mei, the "Poisonous Woman in the Heart of the River,Steel investment casting," asking only about the "Nine Youth Demons," and did not even look at him, he could not help being so angry that he raised his thick eyebrows, clasped his palms against his chest, and became angry with his Dantian. In a very loud and amazing voice, he read aloud. The name of Amitabha! When Ouyang Mei heard the name of the Buddha, she glanced at it and asked coldly, "Is the Master the Purple Dragon Arhat, one of the Eight Dragons of the Western Regions?" When the "Purple Dragon Arhat" saw that Ouyang Mei already knew where he came from,Investment casting parts, but his expression was still so cold, he could not help being more and more angry and bumping into the ground. He replied in a harsh voice, "I dare not be called the Lord of the Ouyang Palace like this!" Ouyang Mei said, "Since the Master calls himself a monk, he is not in the Eight Dragon Palace in the Western Regions. He is meditating to see the Buddha, but why does he come to my Little Gushan?" When the "Purple Dragon Arhat" heard that Ouyang Mei, the leader of the "Heavenly Punishment Palace" and the "Poisonous Woman in the Heart of the River", was getting worse and worse, he could not help saying, "Leader of Ouyang Palace, you have convened the'Little Gushan Meeting 'to discuss what you have learned. Isn't the'Eight Dragon Palace in the Western Regions' a branch of Wulin? Is the poor monk not qualified to participate in this meeting? As soon as Ouyang Mei heard him say this, the frost on his face lifted immediately. With a gentle expression, he said with a smile, "If the Master comes here to participate in the'Little Gushan Meeting, 'Ouyang Mei should naturally treat him as a guest. But the meeting is still the day after tomorrow. The Master will come in advance. I don't know what advice he has." The "Purple Dragon Arhat" was so kind to her for a while, and so arrogant for a while, with a cold and hot look! Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, he had no choice but to recite the name of the Buddha again, saying, socket screw plug ,metal stamping parts, "The poor monk is here for Elder Martial Brother Chang'Red Dragon Arhat '.." Without waiting for the "Purple Dragon Arhat" to finish, Ouyang Mei nodded to herself and said with a smile, "You've found a good master. Your Elder Martial Brother is in my Palace of Heavenly Punishment. He's so happy that he forgets to return. Do you want to see him?" The "Purple Dragon Arhat," because Ouyang Mei's expression had softened at this time, clasped his palms together and gave him a deep salute. He said with a smile, "If the Lord of the Ouyang Palace is willing to receive him, the poor monk will naturally be very grateful." Ouyang Mei smiled and said, "In that case, I will guide Yuwen Daoyou and Master to the'Heaven of Bliss' in my palace, and then wait for tea to chat freely." The words, then turned to lead the way, a surname Wan and "purple dragon arhat", both slowly.
When they enter an important place, they naturally pay special attention to the path they have passed and all the scenery they have seen, and carefully watch and remember it! Both of them are masters of martial arts, and both of them have a deep understanding of the five elements of Yin and Yang. They found that in the "Palace of Heavenly Punishment", whether it is a road, a path, a terrace, or a rock, it is arranged according to the practice of the stars and the wonderful principles. It is not arranged at random, and it implies a very powerful change in the situation. In front of us was a very specially built circular temple, with a very high foundation, which had to spiral up from a white stone step shaped like a snail. Ouyang Mei, the "Poisonous Woman in the Heart of the River," stopped and turned around. She raised her eyebrows to the "Purple Dragon Arhat" and said with a smile, "Master Purple Dragon, this round temple is the'Heaven of Bliss. 'Your Elder Martial Brother, the'Red Dragon Arhat,' is in it!" Purple Dragon Arhat heard the tone of the other side, as if to ascend the steps into the hall by himself, can not help but slightly stunned. As expected, Ouyang Mei continued to laugh and said, "Master, please go to the temple by yourself and meet your brother. I want to entertain brother Yuwen Dao on the'Jixian Platform 'and talk to each other when we walk together." When the "Purple Dragon Arhat" heard this, he knew that something was wrong, but he was unwilling to be outdone, so he clasped his palms together and ascended the steps alone to the round temple called the "Heaven of Bliss." Jiang Xin Poisonous Woman "Ouyang Mei looked at the back of" Purple Dragon Arhat ", raised her eyebrows slightly, and a mysterious smile appeared on her face! A surname Wan also see there must be a pattern, but pretend not to know, at the end of the course. Ouyang Mei turned around and said to Chunyu Wan with a smile, "Yuwen Daoyou, let Master Zilong go to the Heaven of Bliss to see his Elder Martial Brother. Let's go to Jixiantai for a chat. Ouyang Mei will introduce you to two friends." A surname Wan nodded with a smile, Ouyang Mei will lead her, to a very delicate construction of the golden terrace, walked slowly. They went to the'sudden Xiantai ', not to mention for the time being, first narrated the meeting plot of "Purple Dragon Arhat" and "Red Dragon Arhat". Purple dragon arhat "because of the discovery of Ouyang beauty between the look, some strange, so in the circling on the steps, quite careful, afraid of what organs ambush?"? But until the end of the white stone winding staircase, to be known as the "heaven of bliss" before the round temple, there is still no unexpected change happened! The "Purple Dragon Arhat" felt a little wider in his heart. He reached out his hand and pushed open the unclosed door of the temple and walked into the "heaven of bliss". There was a warm fragrance in the hall, but it was empty, without any furnishings, and no tables,DIN screw plug, chairs, beds or screens could be seen. The floor was covered with a thick and soft blanket of the highest quality, and it was very comfortable to walk on it.