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Go back to ancient times.

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Yes, that's my fault. Ai Rubing did it because she hated me, otherwise they wouldn't have died.. If you can I would trade my life for theirs.. They ... It's innocent. ..." "Meimei, what's wrong with you?!" Ye Ye and Qiao Lan saw that I was not quite normal and immediately rushed to my side. "Why don't you blame me? Why, why.." I murmured. Because of me So many innocent people died, because of me, an unborn life can only say goodbye to the world, this is only because of me.. How can I forgive myself? ... "Mei Mei, don't do this.." Qi Er put her face close to mine and comforted me softly. I pushed Qi away and slapped myself in the face again, and the smell of blood immediately spread in my mouth. "Ai Meimei, what on earth are you going to do?!" Qingkong was furious and raised his hand to slap me. I fell to the ground, but I didn't feel any pain. Do I still have the qualifications to say pain now? So are you in more pain.. "Clear sky.." Ye Ye could not bear to call out the clear sky. The clear sky was also angry just now, and was shouted by Ye Ye, which brought him back to his senses. He withdrew his hand immediately. He ran up to me to check on my injury, and I just turned my face away. Meimei, I'm sorry. I was so angry just now. Only then will.. Don't say sorry to me. I'm the one who should say sorry. Why am I so useless? As a queen, I can't even protect the people I love. This is really ridiculous. Why don't you know to be on guard? I heard Ai Rubing's words very clearly that day, didn't I? But as a fool, I didn't think about anything. I could only be trampled upon by others. What queen, what high above,Walking measuring wheel, all farts! "Meimei, I know you are very sad and self-reproach, but it's really not your fault. Ai Rubing's ambition is impossible to guard against. It's really not your fault." I did not speak, a person in a daze. Clear Sky continued, "Do you know how we got out?"? Because the overlord ." My eyes were finally in focus and I asked, "Mother?" Clear sky nodded, "that's right.". A long time ago, the overlord ordered people to secretly dig secret passages in every palace in the palace. This secret passage leads directly to the palace. "Why don't I know?" "This is what the overlord told me after I became your concubine. She said that this was the last way she left for you. Even if she lost everything, she was willing to protect you. She said that nothing was more precious than your life, and so was the throne.". Even if she didn't want it to happen. "She said she was going to leave you one day and that was all she could do for you." "Mother emperor.." I shouted mother emperor tears more overflow. You are so kind to me. You have thought of almost everything for me, but I still let you down. "Meimei, Adhesive fish ruler ,Diameter tape measure, the overlord has taken so much pains for you. Is it possible that the only reward you give her is to give up on yourself?" Qingkong was so sad that he couldn't help holding me in his arms. Yes, everyone is working hard for me, but what about myself? What have I done to make them more sad? Their hearts are already full of holes. Am I the devil? What the hell have I done?! Gently wiping the tears from my face, I asked in a low voice, "Can I still be relied on by you?" Qiao Lan said, "Meimei, you have always been our God. If the sky falls, then we.." My nose was sour and I didn't speak. Qingkong could not help but turn his face away, unwilling to let me see his tears, choking: "If this is the result, I would rather you lose your memory forever.." "No, you are in those memories, I am reluctant to.." "Mei Mei.." Ye Ye called me softly.
I suddenly raised my head and said with unprecedented determination, "I will work hard for your future..". I want to be responsible. Do you still want to? "I would like to.." "Willing.." Chapter 65 of the main text adds insult to injury Seeing that my son was about to go out again, I grabbed him and said softly, "My son, you stay at home and let me go." She held my hand and said, "Mei Mei, Ai Rubing must be looking for us everywhere. It's too dangerous for you to go out like this.". Promise me You just stay at home. Angrily, I raked my hair and complained to myself, "It's my turn to protect you. How can I always let you go out and show up in public?"! I stay at home like this every day like a basket case. How can I be responsible for you?! My son comforted me very gently, "Meimei, I understand your feelings, but everything needs to be done step by step.". It's really dangerous out there now. I can find out my mother's news by the way outside. She should not be in the imperial city now. When I find out her news, we can get my mother's help. You'll be back on the throne by then. ." "But you're in danger out there.." "You forget that I know something about Kung Fu." My son, how can your embroidered legs stand up to the unpredictable and overbearing people outside? Everything It's not as simple as we think. "My son.." "Well, Meimei, that's settled. Listen to me." My son didn't give me another chance to speak. He turned around and went out of the house. And my heart, jittery.. I've never blamed myself for incompetence like I do now. Why am I so weak and incompetent, even the small stability can not give them, let them live in anxiety and exhaustion. People like me. Do you really deserve to be your dependence and the love of your life? After working in the kitchen in a hurry for a long time, I finally cooked out a fairly good pot of porridge. Ha Ai Meimei, you are really incompetent, cooking porridge,Pi tape measure, what else can you do besides cooking porridge?! Gently picked up Qi's body, I sat down beside him, and then took the porridge in front of him.