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Get Creative Wedding Invitations: Shaadi Vines

Today's World is digitized, which has undeniably affected almost every aspect of our lives, and so are wedding invitations. The days when you had to visit every stationary shop to look for the right wedding card from their limited collection, are long gone. Today, there are websites solely dedicated to bringing you a plethora of choices of wedding invitation designs, even better crafting them according to your needs. One such website will be discussed in the following article,, which not only specializes in Pdf Wedding Invitation but also Animated Wedding Invitation or Wedding Invitation Video.
Are you ready to make your wedding invitation a masterpiece? Then you have reached the right place, as Shaadi Vines brings you a huge choice of templates in Wedding Card Design Pdf and Wedding Invitation Video Templates, ensuring that your wedding invitation stands out and leaves a lasting impression. They believe that your wedding invitation deserves a personal touch, and it is offered at Shaadi Vines by designing your personal Digital Wedding Invitation Video by taking your suggestions and choices.

The major two categories of wedding invitation designs are:
Wedding Invitation Pdf
The invitation should also be on par with the organizations you have created for your big day. You can achieve this by creating a personalized Wedding Invitation Card Pdf with many creative designs and colors. A Wedding Invitation Card Pdf is a short pdf that is sent to guests to invite them. The wedding invitation card pdf is the new trend in the wedding industry because it can be easily sent over online apps like What’s App.
Some benefits of using a Wedding Invitation Card Pdf are

  • The wedding invitations are more attractive in pdf format and can be customized. They are generally more appealing than the traditional paper cards.
  • These cards can be shared easily through social media.
  • Unlike traditional paper invites, these are cost-effective. Also, you take a step towards a greener planet by avoiding the use of paper cards.

Wedding Card Video Invitation
When you need to distinguish your Wedding Invitation from the common one, that distinguishing factor could be a Digital Wedding Invitation Video. A Wedding Invitation Video is a short video that can be sent over any online platform. It is a unique way to announce your wedding day and it is made custom according to your needs.. To Make Wedding Invitation Video

  • You can include your wedding date and the venue in your Wedding Invitation Video.
  • You can also add your pre-wedding shots to your video invitation.
  • You can add a video of the venue that displays its beauty, which will make guests more excited about your wedding.

To make the perfect and unique Wedding Invitation Video, you can use Shaadi Vines’s Wedding Invitation Video Maker which can design it by using various available templates.
However, Wedding Invitation Video Price depends on various factors like video length, quality, editing, the number of transitions, effects, and animations. So you should also think about your budget.
You are also contributing to a greener planet by avoiding the use of traditional Paper Card Wedding Invitation.
With the huge choice of designs available on the website, you are sure to find the one you came looking for. So explore the website now to make your ideal wedding invitation.