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First Pharmacist

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Ye Lanlan is not polite to him, now two people are tied to a rope of grasshoppers, only she completed the task as soon as possible, everyone can leave here. The mountain is high and the water is far away. After staying on the island for so many days, she knows more about the situation than she does. She would not put aside such a good guide and go to find her way foolishly! So she simply said her task. The mountain is high and the water is far away. "Yes, there is a strange place on the island. It is a cave hit by the sea. It is very deep. The fog there is much thicker than other places on the island."! I wanted to go in, but I lost my way in the white fog, and finally I went around for a long time and returned to the island inexplicably! Thank you City Morning Rain Scene, MP40, Soul First Pink and Evaluation Ticket ~ ~ An awkward interview Shan Gao Shui yuan added Ye Lanlan as a good friend. He glanced at Ye Lanlan's rank and said unexpectedly, "Not bad, your rank is very high!" Ye Lanlan is speechless. How does it feel to be praised for her high rank by the first person in the ranking list? If it weren't for this guy's serious eyes, Ye Lanlan really thought he was laughing at her. Seeing that Ye Lanlan was silent, the mountain was high and the water was far away, and he was silent. Ma Liu asked, "Where is this little brother?"? Let's make friends and I'll add you! How can the top of the ranking list be so familiar? Ye Lanlan knows that three people have to get along for a long time, and Ma Liu's identity can't be hidden. Ma Liu, on the other hand, is not very old, but he is a guy with a lot of ideas. If the mountain is high and the water is far away and he is not careful to offend him, there will be no peace along the way. For the sake of his quiet ears, but also to complete the task earlier, so as to avoid complications,fake ficus tree, Ye Lanlan hurriedly answered for Ma Liu: "He is Ma Liu, a little kid in the town of Yunhai.". When I heard that I was going to do a task, I insisted on following him, saying that I was going to find the bones of his ancestors! The mountain is high and the water is far away. This is a tentative meaning. Now Ye Lanlan is so Frank, he is also very interesting, did not go to provoke Ma Liu, but very consciously with a little blue to the cave he said. Shan Gao Shui yuan was very familiar with the terrain on the island. He specially took Ye Lanlan and Ma Liu to drill into the strange jungle. After only about half an hour, they arrived at the cave mentioned by Shan Gao Shui yuan. The cave was very fast, as wide as a wall. Sure enough, as the mountains were high and the rivers were far away, a white fog gushed out from the mouth of the cave and spread everywhere. Drift across the island to the open ocean. There is something strange in the ground! It's just that the fog is so strong that it's not easy to dive in. There's a lot of fog. Why don't we take turns using fire spells? Fire can penetrate a certain amount of white fog, but I don't know how deep the cave is. Continuous casting magic value certainly can not keep up, decorative palm trees ,faux ficus tree, now two mages can take turns to try, maybe can go in some. The mountains are high and the rivers are far away, and they have long wanted to dig out the secrets hidden under this white and foggy land. It's just that the heart is willing but the flesh is weak. Now there is one more person to help, just in time to try. But now this time is not good, he smiled apologetically and said: "In the evening?"? I have something to do! As soon as Ye Lanlan looked, at seven o'clock in the morning, it was really not convenient to go down to this cave again, in case of encountering something strange, it would be troublesome. She is not afraid of death. But Ma Liu and Shan Gaoshui are far from being able to hang up. If one hangs up, it will hang up forever. If the other hangs up, the top three of the ranking list will probably be rearranged. Let's meet here at six o'clock in the evening. Ye Lanlan nodded in agreement, and she hadn't had a rest for a long time. Just take advantage of this time to rest and treat your stomach. After getting off the line, Ye Lanlan stretched herself and went to the bed to see the indicator light on her mobile phone flashing. Who's calling her? Ye Lanlan turned on her cell phone, which was full of Zhang Botao's missed calls, 21 of them, and five messages. Ye Lanlan opened it and glanced at it. It turned out that the editorial department had temporarily decided to hold a meeting at nine o'clock this morning last night, saying that there was something important to discuss. Every employee is required to be present.
No one answered Zhang Botao's phone call to Ye Lanlan, and he couldn't get in touch with her in the game. Ye Lanlan directly closed the private chat channel, which made Zhang Botao very depressed. Finally, he had to go to the world and shout a little blue. Unfortunately, Ye Lanlan even closed the world channel. So he couldn't reach her at all. After reading Zhang Botao's text message, Ye Lanlan felt very guilty. She closed the private chat channel because she was bored and afraid that the elegant childe would gossip again, but forgot that she was not purely playing games now. She still had work to do. After dialing Zhang Botao's phone, before Ye Lanlan could apologize, Zhang Botao on the other end of the phone breathed a sigh of relief: "Oh, my aunt, you finally came back to life. Don't say anything. Hurry to the company. Let's talk about it later!" This is a really interesting guy. Ye Lanlan smiled and did not be polite to him, said "see you in the company" and then quickly tidied up and went out. When Ye Lanlan arrived, it was still 10 minutes before nine o'clock, but Song, yuan and Ming were already sitting in the main seat with big black-framed eyes and straight backs. Most of the members of the editorial department arrived, sitting upright one by one, not daring to make a sound, just like the appearance of primary school students in class. It seems that the majesty of Song, yuan and Ming Dynasty is not only aimed at her! Zhang Botao sat in the innermost corner near the west, and when he saw Ye Lanlan waving to her, Ye Lanlan hurriedly ran to the seat next to him with his notebook under his arm. Ye Lanlan, let's have a meal together after the meeting. Zhang Botao whispered to Ye Lan. Ye Lanlan nodded, thinking that since she came to the company,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, Zhang Botao had helped her a lot. He took the initiative to explain to her what she didn't understand, and even secretly told her the habits of some of the main leaders, which saved her a lot of detours. It was reasonable to invite him to dinner.