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Fierce Ghost Shelter System

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When the boy was there, father-in-law Chang smiled and threw away the broken silver. "Does it look like father-in-law will treat you badly?" The boy immediately beamed and said, "That's not what I mean. It's just that the Six Dragons Road has its own rules. I'm not very capable. I can't say anything because of the rules. I hope my father-in-law will forgive me.". "If you don't bother your father-in-law to go to him, he will certainly give him a satisfactory answer." Grandfather Chang scolded the trouble in his heart and asked the man's name and address. The young fellow said that the man lived in the ghost town. In the biggest restaurant in the ghost town, a hunchback ghost drank five fans and hugged two ghost girls as much as possible. The ghost girls toasted and asked for rewards. The hunchback ghost laughed heartily and spilled a pile of ghost money. Stay with me tonight, I have plenty of money! At the door of the private room, when Grandfather Chang heard this drunken voice, his first impression was not very good. However, since he had come to ask questions, he did not care what kind of ghost the other party was. The door of the private room was pushed open, and two ghosts who looked like bodyguards were guarding the door. They found an uninvited guest breaking in and stopped Grandfather Chang with a knife. You have a lot of courage! As soon as Grandfather Chang stared, the two bodyguards trembled all over, the feeling of danger spread all over their bodies, and their arms trembled immediately. Where is Youtuozi? "In.." Inside. "" The private room is divided into inside and outside. In the inner room, the hunchback ghost and the two ghosts were having a good time when they suddenly found a man standing at the door. A thousand tombs for each other, and a foreign land for the little devil! I'm an oily hunchback, who are you, the head of this piece?! The hunchback ghost has long heard the noise at the door, without any tension, still molesting the ghost in his arms, but he took the lead in reporting out of the house. Yin Cao five elements, mutual Lang Shang! This is the Tooth Shop,whirlpool hot tub spa, which is in charge of the news business. It is the most covert and low-key, and also the most opportunistic. The Tooth Shop is the most unpopular business in the five elements of Yin Cao. Even ghosts don't like them. After all, they are all ghost dealers, selling news, selling goods, and selling the same kind when necessary. I want to ask you something, you hunchback. An ingot of good silver was put on the table, and Grandfather Chang saw the oil hunchback sniffing it with a disdainful expression. Ha ha, noble,outdoor whirlpool tub, spend a lot of money! Only Father-in-law wants to inquire about things, this offering is not enough. The oil hunchback kissed the ghost girl and grinned. Oh? Father-in-law always gives people three points of thin noodles first. Do you mean to give less? "Grandfather Chang was also unperturbed, smiling slyly and looking at the oil hunchback." Yo! The oily hunchback smiled drunkenly, "father-in-law, are you angry?"? This is Liulong Road! The King of Hell can't even get in. Why are you so angry? As soon as Grandfather Chang's palm turned over, the instrument guillotine appeared in his hand and was thrown at the oil camel. If the King of Hell can't get in, the miscellaneous family can! Toast, don't eat, eat, drink! The guillotine rotated at a high speed, and in the inner chamber, a long gun suddenly came out and shot off the guillotine. Be bold! With a shout, the shadow in the corner solidified, and a cold-faced warrior opened his mouth: "Eunuch, the Six Dragons Road is also a place where you can be presumptuous." Eunuch?! Grandfather Chang is in a hurry. Jianghu warrior, hot tub wholesale ,Chinese spa manufacturer, what qualifications do you have to call yourself an eunuch! "The nine rings of the river of blood, the head of the rebellious officials!" Once again, the guillotine was thrown out, buzzing, dividing into nine parts in the air, covering the head of the cold-faced warrior and flying away. Feel the illusion of the guillotine, and really the same, this is no longer an ordinary ghost, with his eyesight, unexpectedly can not distinguish between true and false, this ghost is powerful, I am afraid beyond imagination. The cold-faced warrior was stunned for a moment and said deeply, "So it's only a ghost general who hides Xiuwei!"! Hum, it's just a little ghost trick, and you dare to make a mistake! The Yin python spits out the letter, and the virtual dragon raises its head! The pike in his hand was transformed into a python, and he fought with the guillotine! Grandfather Chang put away his relaxed expression. Ghosthood! This is not the average little devil can do, this person is also a ghost! When will the ghost be reduced to being a bodyguard for a fierce ghost? Step over the table, a palm print, the cold-faced warrior unwilling to be outdone, a palm to come! Bang- Yin Qi shook, the wine on the table was intensified into smoke, and the air waves, together with the sound of two instruments fighting, frightened the ghost to turn pale.
Grandfather Chang is not strong in close combat, but he still has a foundation. The cold-faced warriors are almost the same. They all use weapons. They are not very good at catching each other. How dare you! Grandfather Chang's chest was scratched with five blood stains. He fought for the wounded and grabbed the next half of the move, forcing the cold-faced warrior to retreat. Suddenly, his body turned and he grabbed the oil hunchback who was watching the play and lifted him back. The oil hunchback was enjoying the ghost fight when he found that the eunuch ghost had been unable to attack for a long time and had no advantage, so he suddenly aimed at himself. Mean The greasy hunchback shouted. He was picked up by father-in-law Chang, retreated to the door, clasped his throat, as if he dared to move, he would be beaten out of his wits. Father-in-law, I advise you not to work hard. Liulongdao is a small tooth. Do you want to be an enemy of Liulongdao? The Ghost King of Gushan will not let you go. The oil hunchback laughed, and suddenly his smile got stuck, and a mouthful of blood coughed up. As soon as father-in-law Chang used his two fingers to crush his throat bone directly, the oil hunchback braved a cold sweat and hurriedly began to repair the injured ghost body. Jie Jie Jie Jie, have you learned your lesson now? Grandfather Chang saw the oil hunchback's pale face and patted him on the face, Yin and Yang strange airway. The cold-faced warrior was angry and wanted to come over, but he was stopped by the oil hunchback. The oil hunchback finally woke up and saw that the father-in-law next to him was really going to kill himself, and the whole person became very calm. Father-in-law, we have something to discuss. The little one's life is still relatively precious, and it's not worth dying in vain. Although the oil hunchback strength is not high, but the bodyguard is fierce, proves that he is not short of the Lord of worship. Money can make the mare go, this truth is applicable everywhere, so the oil hunchback has always been protected. However, today his number one bodyguard actually neglected the other side's offensive, which he never thought of. Now, the name of the Six Dragons Road can't frighten him,whirlpool hot tub, and the name of the Ghost King of Gushan can't frighten him either, so the oil hunchback feels that things are a little big. Does this eunuch really have a background? Still don't know what this place is? "Now you know you're soft?" Grandfather Chang asked in a strange way, but he didn't mean to let go at all.