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Exciting Updates Revealed for VALORANT Champions Tour 2024

Submitted by TomRiva on Thu, 11/30/2023 - 16:33

Riot Games has unveiled significant details for the upcoming VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) season, slated to kick off in early 2024. The forthcoming season will bring about notable changes, encompassing the introduction of a new league in China, revamped locations for global events, and updates to the esports calendar for VALORANT.
As the current VCT season approaches its conclusion on August 26th, culminating with VALORANT Champions 2023, the game's world championship, teams will transition into the off-season. During this period, numerous tournaments organized by Riot's partners will unfold worldwide, providing an engaging competitive landscape. Although the precise commencement date for the new VCT season remains unspecified, the first confirmed event for VCT 2024 is scheduled for January.
These updates indicate Riot Games' commitment to evolving and expanding the competitive ecosystem of VALORANT, promising fresh challenges and opportunities for teams and players in the upcoming season. For casual players, having an ideal Valorant Accounts will also bring more opportunities to the player.
The upcoming VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) season introduces a notable departure from tradition, as there won't be a global season-opening kickoff event. In contrast to the previous season's LOCK//IN tournament in Brazil, where all VCT teams gathered, the new approach involves distinct two-week tournaments for each VCT International League. These tournaments will serve to seed teams for VALORANT Masters Madrid, the inaugural global event of the 2024 campaign. This marks a significant shift, and Spain will host the VCT for the first time, offering eight coveted spots for the LAN competition.
Another noteworthy development is the inception of a brand-new league in China. This addition follows the official release of the game in the region in 2023. While details about the league remain scarce, its establishment underscores the growing prominence of VALORANT esports. With VCT China in the mix, there are now four primary VALORANT VCT regions. Riot Games has already confirmed that Shanghai will be the host city for the second Masters event of the season, succeeding Madrid. The dynamic changes and expansions in the VCT landscape reflect Riot's commitment to fostering a vibrant and globally inclusive competitive ecosystem for VALORANT.
In a comprehensive overhaul, the VALORANT Challengers leagues are undergoing significant changes, transitioning to a year-long format. This alteration is accompanied by the introduction of a team affiliate system and loans, facilitating increased player movement between International Leagues, Challengers, and Game Changers. Additionally, a new in-game mode named Premier has been unveiled, providing an additional avenue for players aspiring to go pro.
A groundbreaking move involves the introduction of new teams into VCT's partner team leagues through the Ascension tournament. The Guard, Gentle Mates, and Bleed Esports have earned their spots in the VCT International Leagues in their respective regions, securing participation for the next two years.
Riot Games has further announced the implementation of a point system, aptly named Championship Points, in the VCT. Serving as a unifying mechanism across International Leagues and Global Tournaments, Championship Points will measure each team's performance and act as the qualification criterion for global events. This strategic addition is designed to elevate the intensity and significance of the season, providing a structured framework for teams to navigate and excel within the competitive VALORANT landscape.
While specific details about the point system are pending, Riot Games has promised to reveal more information in the future, building anticipation for how this new element will shape the competitive landscape. If you are tired of repetitive work in the process of upgrading your character, then you can choose to Buy Valorant Accounts from to save time. RPGStash is committed to serving every Valorant player, ensuring 100% security and fast delivery. 24/7 online service.
The Challengers leagues are structured into three segments, spanning from February to April, May to early August, and October to December, respectively. Each Challengers segment will culminate in playoffs, creating a rhythmic and intense competitive cadence. Notably, the Ascension tournament is positioned just after the Champions event, providing an additional layer of competition and showcasing the continuous and dynamic nature of the VALORANT esports calendar.