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Evil Doctor Poison Princess

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The suzerain of the Xuanwu Sect laughed and said, "Why are you so polite? It's all my family, my family." Xuanwuzong suzerain these days to see the expression of the night dye is more and more like, this girl no matter what aspect is superior talent, one in a million ah, really do not know what his grandson burned in his previous life, unexpectedly can catch up with such a beautiful girl. He saw his grandson walk into the girl's room last night, and then he didn't come out all night, and then the old man suddenly realized, oh, so that's it! Night dye mouth corner twitch, this is what kind of ah?! This, this old man's line of sight how suddenly so, so ambiguous? Still looking at yourself and Xuan Jiuyue? Ye Qing opened his eyes wide, and he, who had always been outspoken, shouted out: "Old suzerain, you don't have to look at it. She got married at night." The old man graciously, as if he had not yet reacted, and then suddenly raised his voice: "Ah?"? Unexpectedly, unexpectedly all got married? When? Jiu Yue, you are so unreasonable that you didn't tell your family about the big wedding. Ye Qing:..! Xuan Jiuyue:..? Night Dye:..? Invincible God Team:..?! Elegant man dumbfounded,Cantilever Storage rack, this, this can have a daughter-in-law? Standing outside guarding the piano, chess, calligraphy and painting is even more sound, childe is a woman ah? It's a woman! Ye Ran held his forehead and said, "Suzerain, did you misunderstand something..." "No, no,warehouse rack manufacturer, absolutely not." The suzerain shook his head vigorously. "You all slept together yesterday. How could I make a mistake? I said that you are young now. How can you not want to expose the fact that you are married?" Ye Qing and the invincible team look at Ye Ran and Xuan Jiuyue at the same time! Night dye received their own team members confused eyes, direct tears, Xuan Jiuyue, this girl can kill you ah! Xuan Jiuyue looked at Ye Ran, then looked at the suzerain of Xuan Wuzong and his father, and finally looked at several members of the invincible team who were questioning their captain with doubtful eyes. She couldn't let the reputation of Ye Ran be ruined. She took a deep breath and shouted loudly as if to embolden herself: "Actually, I am.." "Oh!" Night dye eye disease hand quickly covered Xuan Jiuyue's mouth, glaring at Xuan Jiuyue: "You are silly you!"! Can you say that you are a woman now! There are a lot of people who don't like you in Xuanwuzong. Are you tired of living? Xuan Jiuyue stared back at Ye Ran: "What do you say? You can't let them misunderstand like this!"! What are you? Ah Xuanwuzong old man is very curious, is his grandson a. Incompetent? The refined middle-aged man saw his father's eyes and covered his eyes helplessly. How could the old man's thoughts still be so avant-garde. Xuan Jiu Yue directly inside the cow face, X is incompetent, Lao Tzu is incompetent! Especially looking at Ye Qing's sudden sympathetic eyes, Xuan Jiuyue wanted to die, broke away from the hand that covered his mouth at night, and stared angrily at the old man. The old man's face was flushed, and his hand behind his waist was pinching his son desperately. Son, Pallet rack upright ,Industrial pallet rack, son, did you see that the grandson was looking at me! The middle-aged man narrowed his eyes with pain and tears almost came out. Dad, I know you are excited, but can you be gentle. Finally, the whole night dye and Xuan Jiuyue, with the strange eyes of a room full of people, ran away. Sitting on the dragon treasure car, the night dyed a cold sweat: "This is what strange logic ah." Ye Qing looked suspiciously at Ye Ran, "Ye Ran, are you sure the man you married is not Xuan Jiuyue?" "Ye Qing." Xuan Jiuyue called Ye Qing's name very seriously for the first time. Hmm? Ye Qing can't help but be serious, what's wrong? "You can put yourself in a circle and disappear in front of your son." Xuan Jiuyue looked at Ye Qing with a look of disgust! Ye Qing did not react at first, and when he reacted, Xuan Jiuyue had already closed his eyes and rested. He could only bite his teeth in his heart and scold the word "roll". Did he need to turn around like this! It's not good to bully him in college.
"Ye Qing, you, the young master of the Ye family, have nothing to do?" Liu Feixiao is actually a little strange, Xuan Jiuyue and night dye together is very normal, two people know each other from the sealed place, but this Ye family Buddha, how to go to the city? Ye Qing touched his nose and said, "I came here for the alchemy meeting." The night that closes an eye to rest ran to open an eye: "Be to ask what medicine?" Ye Qing nodded. All the people present were trustworthy, and he did not hide it: "My grandfather is sick, and his knees are itchy and painful. When the weather turns cool, sometimes he can't even get out of bed.". Grandpa spent his whole life. In the back, there was only a sigh. Don't look for those medicine men. I'll go to your house with you later. The night dyed a smile, "promise to cure your grandfather." "That night dyeing, it's not that I don't trust you, it's just that Grandpa has an old problem, and many supreme pharmacists don't take good care of it." Ye Qing sighed, in his opinion, even if the night dye began to learn pharmacology and alchemy in the womb, it is not necessarily more powerful than the Supreme Pharmacist. The captain's medical skills are superb. Si Mo Xiao made a faint sound, and then he did not speak any more, closing his eyes and leaning on his position to rest. In the face of Ye Qing still with some suspicious eyes, the night dye smiled and did not speak. Xuan Jiuyue opened his eyes and looked at Ye Qing. "Not to mention the other places, the alchemy and medical skills are unmatched in the whole continent." Xuan Jiuyue has been paying attention to her every move since she was in the sealed place. She has absolute trust in the alchemy and medical skills of the night dye, so she has never worried about her injury or illness around the night dye. "Well, Ye Ran, if you cure my grandfather, in this life, a word from you, I, Ye Qing, will never say a word!" Ye Qing looked at the night dye, patted his chest, the big man said a word, he Ye Qing never said to do, although he made a vow in this life is difficult to achieve, the necessary foot on the hilltop to kick the night dye to heaven. Just trust me. Ye Ran opened his eyes and looked at Ye Qing with a faint smile. Two hours later,long span shelving, Ye Ran and his party arrived in Luocheng. Luocheng is located in the north of Nanyao Empire, and the individual competition that Ye Ran promised Wuyuecheng to participate in is also held in Beiyuecheng, the capital of Nanyao Empire.