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Eight precious jade food

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But Xie San said calmly, "There is no need to discuss. My wife listens to me. I am in charge of everything in our family, and I am in charge of the money." “……” Lu Hongying did not make a sound in her mouth, but in her heart she thought, "Xie San, I listen to you bragging.". See how your wife treats you when you get home. Keep you going, kid. Chapter 99 Love. The result was beyond Lu Hongying's expectation. Dong Xiangxiang really didn't object to Xie San buying a car. However, in the end, Lu Hongying refused, and he did not need a car for the time being. But Xie San made up his mind to learn to drive. These days, learning to drive is more troublesome, there are fewer people learning to drive, and there are fewer driving schools. Most of them are sent by the unit for training. Some people even changed their jobs because of learning to drive. Moreover, the study time is long and the tuition is expensive, which is higher than the annual salary of ordinary people. However, Xie Sanyi thought that he could drive his family out to play in the future, so he made up his mind to learn to drive. No way, Lu Hongying asked someone to help Xie San sign up in his driving school. In the driving school, they all knew several brothers. Lu Hongying was forthright and soon brought the two brothers together. These teachers and brothers all work very hard, and some of them have to ride for an hour and a half each time to report to the driving school. This will not discourage people's enthusiasm for learning to drive. Moreover,outdoor hot tub, the first thing I learned was not driving, but the principle of automobile. Xie San felt in his heart that he had learned reading at home, so he didn't have to go to the driving school all the time. However, looking at those brothers who were so attentive, he also had the patience to learn with them. Lu Hongying understood his temperament, and when they got together to chat, he advised him. Don't underestimate the principles of these cars. Basically,Chinese spa manufacturer, if you learn those, you can assemble a car by yourself. Xie San said sarcastically, "If you say so, we don't have to buy parts. We can just install them ourselves." Lu Hongying immediately felt that he had nothing to say and was too lazy to talk to him any more. On the contrary, Xie San paid more attention to the principle of the car. Later, Lu Hongying formally passed the exam and became a trainee driver. He could not drive alone and needed to find a master to continue to take him. A year later, he can be regarded as an official driver. There was a brother who was very loyal. Knowing about Lu Hongying, he helped find a master to take care of him. The driver is also a bold man who is planning to open a private taxi company. He accepted both Elder Martial Brother and Lu Hongying. He also said that after learning, he could let Lu Hongying work with him. For a time, Lu Hongying even had a job. It has to be said that in the 1980s, drivers became scarce and high-paying professions. By 1982, it seemed that the whole of Dog Tail Alley had become busy. In addition to learning to drive, Xie San also teaches his children. Dong Xiangxiang is still busy running between school and home. Bazhenzhai's small shop, with Master Bai, whirlpool hot tub spa ,5 person hot tub, is still operating in an orderly manner, and there are many repeat customers. In fact, since Dong Xiangxiang threw Zhang Hanlin out in front of all the teachers and students last semester, the students all know that she is soft on the surface, but tough in her bones. If you are forced to be anxious, you can really hit people. Those boys who like her dare not look down on Dong Xiangxiang. Especially the big discussion about free love last semester made the school spirit better. At least those boys no longer dare to force girls to submit in the name of free love. Therefore, many girls in the school appreciate Dong Xiangxiang very much because of this matter. However, Dong Xiangxiang always went home as soon as school was over before, and we had no chance to communicate. Apart from a few girls in the class, the closest contacts with Dong Xiangxiang were Song Dongfang and his friends in the cram school. Since last year, Song Dongfang has been very concerned about Dong Xiangxiang. Perhaps because of their mature and calm personalities, their relationship is getting better and better with constant contact. Although they were not in the same class, they became the most congenial friends. Before, Dong Xiangxiang had to go home after class at noon because she had to breast-feed her children. Originally, the two babies were not enough to eat as soon as they were born, and Dong Xiangxiang felt that she had treated the children unfairly. So, when she went to college, she didn't actually wean the babies. It was not until the baby was over one year old that the children were slowly weaned in the warm spring. Moreover, when children grow up, their work and rest gradually become normal.
Before going to bed, as long as they are fed, the children can sleep until dawn. Dong Xiangxiang always felt that the two children in her family were particularly sensible and knew how to love their mother. So, sometimes, in the morning has been in class, but also in the afternoon, Dong Xiangxiang is not in a hurry to go home. In this way, she spent more time with her classmates. With more contacts, the girls in the class treated Dong Xiangxiang as an elder sister again. If he couldn't make up his mind, he would come to ask her for advice. Dong Xiangxiang has a good temper, is generous, and is especially good at comforting people. She usually said as much as she could, and advised as much as she should, but she did not interfere with other people's opinions. After several times, the girls in the class all liked Dong Xiangxiang very much. However, everyone knows that her family has two babies to take care of, so she will not be disturbed to go home. Even if there is something in the class, everyone will take the initiative to help her. On the other hand, Song Dongfang was originally a person with a wide range of friends. She has a lot of good friends, and she is worthy of their trust. However, every time I see Dong Xiangxiang in the canteen, Song Dongfang always puts down his friends and classmates and comes to eat with Dong Xiangxiang. They always have some common topics and have a good chat. Slowly, everyone around knew that Sister Dong Xiangxiang and Sister Song Dongfang were good friends. It was overcast on a summer weekend. In the morning, Xie San took a rubber raincoat and rode his bicycle to the driving school to report. Dong Xiangxiang stayed at home to take care of the children and the shop. When there were relatively few guests, Dong Xiangxiang suddenly found that Song Dongfang had come to buy snacks again. So, hurriedly let Song Dongfang to chat at home. At this time,jacuzzi bath spa, Song Dongfang also has something in mind, just some words want to say with Dong Xiangxiang, so also followed her to come in.