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Desperate Valley - A paradise _txt novel ...

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Over the years, he nurtured hundreds of sutras and studied all kinds of secret arts. How could he let go of the divine skin brought back from the mountain of death? Many great killing arts were branded into his soul. In the past, the strength is not enough, there is no way to display, now can fight with the sage, some need to repair for the support of the Fu Luan secret can be displayed. Of course, it does not mean that the secret art that needs a high realm to perform must be the first order in the world, which is only a kind of foresight condition, and can not represent anything else. As the name implies, time flies and things change, but in fact, this is not only a change in time, but also a drastic change in space. It highlights the word "change", which can take the enemy away in an instant, enter a strange battlefield of time and space, and reach the ultimate realm. It is really possible to look back and sit on the other side of the starry sky. Ye Fan has not yet reached such a divine realm, he just wrapped up with the enemy through the domain gate, came to a million miles away. This is the terrible place of the secret art of killing in heaven. It is impossible to guard against it. Even if it is still to be perfected, it is enough to go to the ancestral land of a clan to intercept and kill the saints! It was a big battle, which took half an hour. Ye Fan practiced all the secret skills repeatedly, in order to sharpen himself, consolidate his realm and find an opportunity to become a saint. Finally, the monkey could not bear to watch, a stick swept to pull the tea Luan to pieces,aluminum tile edge trim, blood and bone spatter! Ye Fan made a move at the critical moment, took off the head, killed his primordial spirit, and left the skull. Brother Chiyun, your death is regrettable. We can never see each other again after that day. But you can rest assured that Tea Luan Daoyou has organized people, and we will revenge for you. In front of Chiyun's tomb, several big shots stood side by side and denounced Ye Fan, placing many sacrifices on the incense table to hold a memorial ceremony here. Why hasn't Tala Daoyou come yet? They show different colors, the initiator is the tea Luan of the mixed clan,china tile trim, how has not arrived yet? "He was ill and I brought him here." In that high sky, a domain door opened and a slender and tall figure appeared. Boom! Ye Fan shook his hand, threw down a bloody head, and smashed the stone table full of sacrifices with a bang, stained with blood. What? He's.. Tea Luan! "Tea Luan Daoyou is dead!" These people exclaimed, one by one angrily rushed to the sky, but the figure was just a breath, slowly dissipated in the void. This day, all the people in the world are amazed, everyone is stunned, Ye Fan's courage is too big, unexpectedly did such a thing! "Take off the head and send it to the memorial ceremony. The Terran Eucharist is so crazy that he has done such a thing. If he is too strong, he will probably die early!" "Even if he rushes into the universe, it is estimated that the major royal families will also pursue and kill him. This is really a fierce deterrent, and the counterattack is too fierce." In less than half a day, everywhere was boiling. Ye Fan was strong and overbearing. He was fearless in killing the ancestral king. Ha ha ha To the delight of the people, aluminium tile trim profiles ,stainless steel edging strip, my human race has finally produced a great boy! Some people are angry, naturally some people are excited, and the world is noisy. If you dare to kill me, I dare to kill you. What about the blood of saints? Stop war with war, stop war with war! This is Ye Fan's clangorous voice, spread all over the world. Chapter 1212 traces of human beings and demons. The silver moon was killed, the red cloud died, the tea Luan also died, just a few days three ancestral king fell, fell a body to die the end of the road. They all died because of one person, and the name of the Terran Eucharist is like a hurricane blowing all over the East Wilderness, Zhongzhou and Nanling Mountains. Striking the sage, beheading the ancestral king, and fighting against the ancient clan, Ye Fan became famous all over the world, and now even some mortals have heard of this name. Is the Terran Eucharist going against heaven? Even the saints were stunned. In such an environment, it was too late to escape with such a peerless immortal as the green tripod, but he shot with a thunderbolt, even killed the saints, and did the opposite. Dead, another ancestral king fell, and in ancient times the emperor came to a land, but in the end he ended up like this. In the eyes of the sages, Ye Fan is too "ferocious" and has such fighting power before he becomes a saint, which makes many people feel uneasy. This is simply an evil spirit who breaks free from the shackles of hell and kills it.
"Click!" An old man suddenly stood up from his throne in the magnificent hall of the Heavenly Clan. The wine cup made of the holy skull was torn apart, and the scarlet blood and wine were spilled all over it. This is a continuous mountain range, the hall is ancient, magnificent, standing on the peak, submerged in the sky. The Huntian Clan ranks among the ten strongest royal clans. The sages in the clan have the means to reach the sky. Their magnates are naturally no small matter. The old man's crushed wine cup is made of the skull of the sage. Tala Luan died and was carried away from the edge of my race by the holy body of the human race. Is there no one to stop him? "Search it out for me, whether it's his green tripod or his head, I'll get it!" The old man was like an angry lion, and after his roar, many mountains collapsed. The four fields were quiet, and many strong people of the clan did not dare to come out. They were all dormant like kittens, listening to his scolding. Interesting, these days have passed, those old immortals have not found the body of the human race, but let him kill three saints, it is estimated that some people will jump feet. A voice of schadenfreude from the first royal family came from the ancient temple. This is a great family, no one can compare with it except the ancient royal family. It is known as the first royal family in the world. It is more terrible than the mixed family and the powerful bull demon royal family. Trace carefully, I want the holy body of the human race to die, and bring me back the green tripod! The sound of schadenfreude eventually turned to indifference. In the past, only the royal family of silver and blood could be compared with them. Unfortunately, this uncrowned royal family has declined and disappeared in the dust of history. Red Cloud was so bad that he was beheaded by the Terran Holy Body without even sending out the news. My purpose of letting him jump out was not achieved, and he was killed in vain. This is a sad voice, it is the person behind several ancient kings who jumped up and down. He wanted to set up a trap to get rid of Ye Fan, but unfortunately he failed. At present, almost no one can break the pattern of the first emperor deceiving the sky, even if it is not flawless, there are some shortcomings, the ancient saints can not see the mystery. Every time before Ye Fan started, he would block the mountains and rivers,tile trim factory, and when he killed Red Cloud and Tea Luan, there was no trace of the secret, which could not be traced.