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Daxia Dilongzi-Huanzhu Landlord _ txt Novel Paradise

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"I think the third aunt is really a good person, except for her temperament. How can she make friends? Except for Zhu, who is a little better, the rest are all a group of dog men and women."? The scrawny ugly woman just sneer in the dark, eyes shooting fierce light, Xi Wen and Liu, Zhu two people are ugly, really ugly. You're with them, and you have to keep an eye out. When the third aunt heard this, she smiled and said sadly, "You're a good man, and your eyesight is not bad, but.." At this point, after a pause, he changed his tune and said, "To tell you the truth, I have been living in the tiger's mouth for more than a day. The whole Feng family, old and young, are not human beings.". Had it not been for the fact that I still had a little backbone and could deal with it with scheming, and that my father still had a few old friends to take care of, it would have been food from the tiger's mouth. You said that the ugly woman was born so thin, like a living ghost, but she was extremely lascivious and ferocious. She was both greedy and ruthless, and she liked to stir up trouble. On the surface, she was intimate with me, but in fact, she stirred up trouble everywhere. Any one of them would have fallen into their trap. Long words, thou art wearied,metal racking systems, and I will make myself stiff in my chamber: lie down, and wake up, and have a long talk with thee, and know me. Just rest assured, never disturb each other, then what confidant's words, also reasonable, will not force you difficult. I'm not going to accompany you. Then he turned and walked away. When Wen Lin first entered the room, he couldn't help wondering, but this time the third aunt's expression was quite different from what she had seen for the first time,pallet rack shelving, and she was much more solemn. After listening to these remarks, she became more and more fond of them. When she saw that there were two maidservants standing in the room, she was also called out by the third aunt; After a night of trekking, he was very tired and ate a few glasses of wine. He wanted to sleep very much. It was rare that the other party did not disturb him, so he took off his shoes and lay down in his clothes. In his sleep, he seemed to feel someone stroking him twice. He was so sleepy that he ignored it and went to sleep peacefully. After a long time, he woke up and looked at the side window. The sunlight was slanting. He knew that it was already afternoon. Seeing no one in the room, he wanted to sit Suddenly I found that all my long clothes had been taken off, leaving only the small clothes next to my body. It was very warm to sleep in the brocade clothes. I couldn't help but be startled. I thought to myself, "I've always been awakened. How could I sleep so dead?" As soon as I put on my clothes in a hurry, I heard the sound of someone groaning and struggling behind the bed. I quickly looked around and saw that it was the two maidservants. They had been tied up and stuffed with cotton. I quickly untied them. I was surprised to ask the two maidservants, "Why?"? I remember that I didn't take off my clothes when I slept today, so I slept soundly and woke up to find that all my long clothes were taken off. How could I not know? One of the maidservants said angrily, "All the guests were called away by the Eight Grand Dukes this morning.". The master of my house went to the bedside and sat for a while. Seeing that my husband had not taken off his clothes, he was afraid that he would not be able to sleep. He took off his long clothes and covered the quilt. He shed a burst of tears and suddenly told us that she had made up her mind at this time. She knew that there was someone in my husband's heart who would not love her. It was as difficult as riding a tiger. The wrongs of previous lives made her fall in love at first sight and could not extricate herself. Anyway, Decided to be a scene, to bear the stigma, lest others have evil thoughts. He lay on the bed across the quilt for a while, and then sat up with tears in his eyes, asrs warehouse ,push back racking system, saying that he was a fair man, and that he should not lie with him on his back. Although he was in a dream, it was hard to avoid contempt when he woke up, so it was better to go back to his room. Then he went back to his room to sleep. After a while, I don't know if I fell asleep. The granary in front of me suddenly caught fire again. The people in the building rushed to the rescue. Only the two of us were ordered to wait and never left. Just as he was looking out of the window at the fire, he suddenly saw that the third aunt had captured a man who was the disciple of the Eight Grand Dukes. He hurried out in a hurry. Feeling strange, he was tied up upside down, untied the acupoint, and repeatedly questioned whether the third aunt and Xianggong had anything to do with each other. We told the truth, but he didn't believe it until Xianggong woke up and stuffed cotton in his mouth and walked away. We have been nurtured by our masters since childhood, and we usually love them like children. What we say is true, but people force us to talk nonsense. In order not to hide our hearts, we have suffered a lot. I don't know where this little thief came from. Like the three little thieves they saw last night, he was as light as a swallow. He was really good at martial arts. When he left, his body flashed like a bird flying through the window, and his figure disappeared.. Still waiting to go on, suddenly felt the wind blowing on his face, and the figure in front of him flashed. The two maidservants were so frightened that they fell back and screamed. Wen Lin saw that the man was dressed in a short suit, with a tiger skin across his waist. He just looked at his two hairy legs, a pair of straw sandals on his feet, a dagger in his chest, and another weapon with a chain. It was Di Longzi. When he rushed at the two maidservants, he hurriedly stopped them and shouted in a low voice, "Wait a minute, Longzi!"! No wonder they hurry up and bail me out.
"Longzi stopped and asked with a smile," Teacher Zhou, you really can't wake up. Don't you know that the woman is sleeping beside you? " Wen Lin said forcefully, "I just woke up. What the two maidservants said is not empty words." "That's all right," added Longzi. Now the matter is big, this woman is the culprit, I do not know why it is irrelevant, it is difficult to understand. However, Mr. Zhou is afraid that there will be a few days of delay here, and Mr. Jane will return to the mountain in a few days. Brother Huang had gone to the Cold Calyx Valley with two Younger Martial Sisters, Mingxia and Shaner, today. He knew all about it and was quite worried at first. Fortunately, an elder explained it again and again and knew that it was all right, so he began to rest assured. Now under the orders of this elder, there are many words dare not say, just want to meet with teacher Zhou, ask the actual situation. The words have been finished, the woman has just been deceived and led away, halfway thinking of teacher Zhou here, will not rest assured. "I'm going to turn around. In two or three days, Brother Huang and I will come to pick you up. Let's meet again." Wen Lin still wanted to ask a question, but the dragon's voice rose with him and went through the window. "There's a thief upstairs!" Cried the two maidservants! Just ran down. You come quickly! Wen Lin stopped her and said, "You two sisters haven't suffered enough yet. Do you want to die?" "Chou Hsiang-kung," said the two maidservants, "you don't know the rules of my third aunt's house. Just tie us up and don't untie us. Now that we have untied us, the enemy can come and go freely and bully others too much. The third aunt knows that she will never rest with my sister. There is no other good way but to invite people to fight with the thief. "That's all right," said Wen Lin with a smile. "Won't you say you want to protect me? "If I really can't, I'll intercede for you, and the third aunt will surely not refute my face." "My husband is really a good man," exulted the two maidservants. But there is one thing, look at the little thief and the ability, to carry the husband away, easy. We have long said that the third aunt's law is strict. Although she loves us on weekdays and does not treat us as ordinary slaves, if she violates her rules, there is no justice. Before she returns, if my husband feels sorry for our two little lives, he must not leave. When Wen Lin saw that the two maidservants were in a hurry,medium duty racking, he heard Long Zi say that there were still three days before they could be rescued. He was so happy that he nodded his head and said with a smile, "I'm not used to bullying the weak and fearing the strong.". In that case, I will not go away until your master returns to his house. The two maidservants were overjoyed and thanked.