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Dandy madman

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No, I'm not very familiar with driving. Xiao Yun, did you see me around here? I want to have a look around here. Wandering saw Zhongning No.2 Middle School. Well, I didn't find you. It was Xia Qing. Let's go and have a look. I'll also ask if Xia Qing is here. She hasn't come to you for more than a week. Now I don't take them to class. I don't know how she's preparing for the exam. Yang Yun said and parked the Porsche on the side of the road. A brand-new Porsche was parked at the gate of no.2 Middle School. Many people came to see the car immediately, and even some students ran to the car and took some photos with focs. Although Yang Yun is not interested in such things as good cars, she also feels very happy that someone is taking pictures next to her car. Well, from the vagrant, hurriedly look at the vagrant, but found that the vagrant was standing in the place where he had been sitting for several days. Yang Yun was afraid of wandering and thought more, hurriedly walked over and pulled the wandering. Wandering back to see Yang Yun, nodded, indicating that she was all right. Yang Yun saw that the vagrant had nothing to do, so she stopped beside him and waited for him. Yang Yun looked at the wandering concentration of the expression, felt a real quiet. Remembering that she had asked Xia Qing why she was so good to vagrants, Xia Qing said to her, "Teacher Yang, if other vagrants, I would buy something for him to eat at most, but vagrants gave me real tranquility.". Every time I am with Wandering, I always feel very happy and comfortable, and the boring study has become much simpler. I really like to be with my wandering brother. It's very quiet to stand beside him. Yang Yun has never experienced this feeling, she even thought that Xia Qing is nonsense, the purpose is just to let her help wandering. I can't help laughing at her little thoughts, but today I really feel the tranquility around me, which is simply a kind of extraordinary thing, comfortable, yearning, and a kind of light unspeakable nostalgia. Yang Yun. An abrupt voice interrupted Yang Yun's thoughts, let her fall into the world from the feeling of being on cloud nine, Yang Yun turned around angrily. It turned out to be Jiang Ping, a colleague and teacher of No.2 Middle School. Of course, Yang Yun could not get angry with Jiang Ping, so she had to laugh and said, "Oh, Teacher Jiang, what's the matter with you?" "I hear you're going to the reunion today. If you don't mind, I'd like to send you there." Said Jiang Ping took out the car keys to the back of a casual shake, behind a brand new Regal issued a similar fart like "poof!". Yang Yun heard the voice and suddenly wanted to laugh, but she held back and said hurriedly, "Thank you, Mr. Jiang, warehouse rack manufacturer , no, someone will accompany me." Jiang Ping didn't expect that he had just bought a new car, but he still didn't get the beauty. He thought Yang Yun was thin-skinned. He said hurriedly, "You don't have to be polite to our colleagues. Besides, it's not easy to take a taxi to the reunion." ,…” "Teacher Yang, Teacher Jiang.." The shouts of the two girls interrupted the conversation between Yang Yun and Jiang Ping. Oh, it's Pan Lan and Xiao Lu. I'm just going to see Xia Qing. Is Xia Qing here? Yang Yun saw Xia Qing's classmate and asked hurriedly. Xia Qing didn't come yesterday. Maybe she had something to do. Teacher, let's go. Goodbye. The girl named Pan Lan answered. All right, bye. Although Yang Yun said goodbye to the two girls, but the heart is thinking of Xia Qing, now is the most tense time for the college entrance examination, the general students on Saturday as long as there is nothing important will come, how Fuqing did not come? "Jiang Ping, you bought a new car." An exaggerated female voice came. Or Junsheng? "This car is so grand.". Jiang Ping, it's a treat today. "Come on, drive a new car and take us to have a meal." Two women came, and the speaker was a young woman in her thirties. Although her appearance was not very outstanding, her eyes were very charming and a little watery. Looking at Jiang Ping's eyes, there is no disguise of love and adoration! ~! WWw.xiAosHuotxt.COM Chapter 322 you are sick. Good, Yang Yun also go together, oh, Yang Yun tonight 11 11 "Jiang Ping remembered Yang Yun tonight to go to the reunion, with a little bit of disappointment." Oh, Miss Yang is here, too. I haven't noticed yet.
Teacher Yang is really well-informed. Jiang Ping just bought a car and knew it. You're also waiting for Jiang Ping to send it. The winking woman's words were interrupted by vagrancy. Let's go, Xiao Yun. Wandering pulled Yang Yun, who was still standing there with an inexplicable face. Although Yang Yun is very angry, as if he is because Jiang Ping bought a car, immediately to his attitude is different from the woman in general. However, she was particularly soft and firm, and did not like to do this with these teachers, or said hello to the three teachers, turned around and wandered away. Also bubble a small white face wearing sportswear, this Yang Yun more live more go back, no money to play what aloof ah. The winking teacher is very unhappy with Yang Yun's attitude, and is very unhappy that Yang Yun actually accosted Jiang Ping here. She already had a gigolo beside her. Although she was poor, she couldn't see Jiang Ping buy a new car and come to chat with her. But what happened next stunned the winking teacher and Jiang Ping. Yang Yun actually got into the brand-new Porsche on the side of the road. The Porsche exhaled a puff of light smoke and gradually went away. When did Yang Yun have such an advanced car? Even if you sell her house, you can't buy it. It took the winking teacher a long time to react, and his eyes were full of jealousy when he looked at the Porsche who had no trace of it. Jiang Ping was stunned for a long time before he was a little embarrassed to go to his Regal. Even the new Porsche had just been opened, and he was still holding the Regal to show off in front of others. "How embarrassing is this?" Sister Yun, "you seem a little unhappy." Yang Yun, who was wandering and looking at Kaifeng, took the initiative to ask for the first time. Yang Yun did not seem to find wandering and called her Yun Jie, but sighed and said, "Nothing, now let's go back and change our clothes and go to Nanjiang Hotel." Wandering did not ask again, he knew that Yang Yun's classmate gathering was at the Nanjiang Hotel.