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Of course, there'll likely be cheers. He has plenty of admirers

Patriots fans travel well especially to the AFC rival with cheap tickets Madden 23 coins . New Englanders have overflowed Adelphia Coliseum LP Field Nissan Stadium for home games in years past, and it's likely there will be a healthy presence in Music City for a draft in which Bill Belichick holds 12 picks with five of them on Day 2.

They're not going to be content to meet the man who saved their favorite team from a perfect season.

Tyree only recorded four postseason catches in his seven-year career. However, three came against the Patriots on the field in Super Bowl XLII. The first was a fourth-quarter touchdown. Another was one of the most spectacular catches in Super Bowl history:

Tyree's claim of fame is the helmet catch which helped New York to thwart New England's plan for a 19-0 2007 campaign. There's no doubt that it'll be mentioned in the event he's selected as the Giants the third-round selection on Friday. And it's not a doubt that Patriots fans who are sufficiently lubricated on a Friday night, are going to boo the hell out of the player.

Terrell Owens, San Francisco 49ers

No matter what connection you want to make from the teams which he was a part of - the 49ers, Eagles, and Cowboys Hatred for T.O. is quite widespread and not restricted to rivalries. From crotchety former media members to crotchety old fans that aren't fun, there will always be boos for Terrell Owens.

Of course, there'll likely be cheers. He has plenty of admirers, as a player of his level should. But he also enjoys fans who boo him, or at most creates the impression that he likes the boos. T.O. wishes you to shout something out when you encounter him buy mut 23 coins , regardless of whether it's a boo or cheer. If I were going to be in that room, I'd definitely be cheering.