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Cloud sideburns and phoenix hairpin

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All right, I know! I won't say. The spring kite interrupted him, with a faint smile in his eyes, but he still complained, "The shoes are made for you to wear, why do you hide them?"! I know how much it costs to put on your shoes, and I'm almost finished making a new pair there. Liu Xiangyang touched his head and breathed a long sigh of relief. Seeing her pretty appearance, which seemed to be angry and smiling, he felt hot in his heart. I don't know where the courage came from. He blurted out, "Girl.." About to get engaged, you.. Did you ever take what I said seriously? Words finish, even the ear root is also red up. The spring kite saw that even his neck was red, but his eyes were still looking at him tightly. It was the first time that he met such a bold gaze. His heart was beating so fast that he couldn't come out. He paused, turned around and went away. After a few steps, he suddenly stopped, turned around and smiled at him. Then he hurried away. She didn't answer me, but she smiled at me. Are you serious, or do you want me to wait. The figure of the spring kite had already disappeared in the early magnolia bushes on one side of the corridor, but Liu Xiangyang was still standing alone for a long time, thinking over and over in her heart about the smile she had just looked back. Home of Hu Banxian, Temple Street,rapid sand filters, midnight. Liu Xiangyang was familiar with it and climbed in from the top of the wall. Hu Banxian now has extra money, and his family also has two servants. When Liu Xiangyang went in, he was very careful for fear of disturbing people. The whole courtyard was as quiet as an empty cage, and they all went to sleep about late at night, but they went all the way to the upper room where he rested. Because I had seen him several times before, I was not afraid of his loud cry this time. Liu Xiangyang stretched out his hand and tried to push the door, but he didn't want the door to open unclosed. In the moonlight by the window, he saw a man lying on the bed and pushed him on the shoulder. The man seemed to wake up with a start. He turned over and said,filter nozzle, "Who?" It was Hu Banxian's voice. It's me! The master of the house ordered me to bring you another message! Liu Xiangyang lowered his voice and saw Hu Banxian sitting there motionless, his body seemed to tremble, and his heart was strange. Suddenly, I felt that there was someone behind me. Suddenly, I looked back and saw that I didn't know when there was already a figure. In the darkness, I heard the sound of the fire, the candlestick on the table was lit, and I saw a young man standing there, in the dim light of the fire, a familiar face, as if I had seen it somewhere. Liu Xiangyang suddenly opened his eyes wide and almost didn't jump up. He remembered! A few years ago, on his way to send his daughter to Yuyuan in a carriage, he met a group of people and got into a fight. This man was the man in beautiful clothes who had shouted down later! Although many years had passed, he still recognized it. How could it be you? "Pei Taizhi also recognized him in front of him. With a sigh, he frowned and said, Rotating sludge scraper ,disc air diffuser," The boy of the Liu family in Rongyin Hall? " Mingyu got up early the next morning. Ask Liu Xiangyang to find out what happened to Hu Banxian last night. Liu Xiangyang had gone, and she herself had hardly slept all night. If the door of the garden had not been locked, it would have been inconvenient to get in and out. She would have stayed up late to wait for his news, so she got up early and sent the spring kite to inquire about the news. The spring kite did not want to return, until she went to Suixi Garden with Jiang Shi to accompany the old lady for breakfast, only to see her looking over, looking at some Zhang Huang, standing there winking at herself. Then he got up and went out of the upper room. The two of them stood in the eaves corridor. Then Chunyuan lowered his voice and said, "Girl, Sister-in-law Liu said he didn't come back last night. Now he's in such a hurry that he doesn't dare to disturb the master and his wife. Only the couple sent someone out to look for him." His voice trembled slightly as he spoke. Mingyu was startled. He lowered his head and pondered for a moment. Then he reached out and shook her hand. "I'll ask my father to send someone to look for Hu Banxian first," he said. Ruan Hongtian was surprised to hear that Liu Xiangyang was lost. Hearing Mingyu's suggestion to go to Hu Banxian's place to have a look, he nodded and said, "That's right!"! Ask Hu Banxian to take down where he has gone! This day until sunset, Liu Xiangyang still did not come back, there is no good news, when it is dark, sent back one after another, but the news is even more surprising. The door of Hu Banxian's house was closed, and no one answered the door for half a day. Finally, he broke in and found that he did not know where he had gone.
Hearing the news, the nearby residents gathered around the door of his house and talked about it one after another, saying that Hu Banxian could not think of a way to crack it, so he went to avoid disaster. More and more people gathered, even Xie Ruchun was alarmed, decent people in the dispersal of the people. As soon as he left, people were even more anxious. Is there really a disaster in Jiangzhou that will fall from the sky? Ruan Hongtian was in a bit of trouble, frowning and saying to himself. Jiang Shi's face turned slightly pale on the side, and she asked the girl to take Anmo back to her room to rest. Mingyu pressed down the anxiety in his heart and accompanied Jiang Shi until late at night. All the people who went out to look for Liu Xiangyang came back, but none of them got the news. They had no choice but to disperse first. On the second day, Ruan Hongtian not only sent his family to search everywhere, but also went to see Xie Ruchun in person. Xie Ruchun thanked him for his help in August last year. When he heard that the son of the housekeeper had disappeared, he naturally answered and issued an official document asking the counties to help him pay attention. Only the next day was still fruitless. Late at night, Ming Yu returned to the green building, but where is the slightest sleepiness? When Dan Lan Yu Qing and Chun Kite served her to sleep together, the two maids knew that Chun Kite and Liu Xiangyang were good, and naturally did not dare to say anything more at this time, for fear of making her sad. Mingyu sent the two of them away, leaving only himself and Chunyuan in the room. He told her to sit beside him and whispered, "It's all my fault. If I hadn't asked him to go, it would have been all right." "Don't worry, Miss," said the Spring Kite with a reluctant smile. "He's such a big man. His fists and feet are not weak. He's on the ground in Jiangzhou. He's just going to look for Hu Banxian. What else will happen? Maybe it's just that the two of them have something to do temporarily. Wait a little longer. They may come back tomorrow. Mingyu gazed at her for a moment, then sighed and said, "Chunyuan, I've asked Liu Xiangyang to send a letter to Hu Banxian several times in the past few years. Do you know why?" There was a flicker of confusion on the face of the spring kite, and he finally said, "Since the girl asked me, I told her the truth.". I really don't understand it very well. I only vaguely know that it is probably related to the divinatory symbols of Hu Banxian's divination. Every time the girl asked Liu Xiangyang to send a letter to Hu Banxian,Dissolved Gas Flotation, he could say something. I wondered if the girl had taught him to say it, but I thought. She stopped, thinking that even she thought it was impossible.