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Choosing accommodation in Adelaide hills

Adelaide is an unusually sunny and welcoming city. Adelaide Hills Accommodation adds greenery to parks, the width of the avenues, the brilliance of skyscrapers, and the hospitality of residents. You can drink this unusual cocktail in any quantity. Adelaide is an honest and direct city, so tourists will never get lost in its streets since everything is clear and simple. But at the same time, this city offers hundreds of exciting excursions, amazes with unusual exhibits and exhibitions, and displays strange animals and rare types of plants. 
Its population is aging slightly faster than the national average. There is a peculiar way of speaking where some sounds are swallowed, forming many unusual colloquial abbreviations, such as "G*day" instead of "good day."
Dedicate a few whole days to strolling quietly around the city. 

Admire grand Victorian buildings, marvel at the number of churches and cathedrals, sit on benches in shady gardens and parks, and visit the monumental city center market. Try to get a taste of Adelaide's laid-back attitude by snapping selfies with unusual landmarks and groups of statues, like the merry family of pigs blocking pedestrians in the city center. Aboriginal shows with ritual songs and dances and an authentic craft shop in the center every day.
Arrive at Retreats South Australia, Adelaide's main attraction. Walk the trails for a long time, hoping to spot a wary wombat, echidna, or some other equally unusual member of the continent's fauna. It must be admitted that they are kept here in practically free conditions, and meeting them is always a luck factor. Also, admire the unique rocks created by wind and water over millions of years, which are certainly not hidden from tourists. Local colonies of sea lions and fur seals are less mobile and always up for a photo op.
Spend a day at Glenelg Beach on Holdfast Bay. 
Besides the gentle waves and white sand, the dolphins are one of the highlights of the bay. The long jetty extends almost 400 meters into the ocean and is worth exploring.

Navigate the Murray River in a steamboat, a replica of those that navigated these waters more than a century ago. The cruise offers unforgettable views of the Australian wilderness. The cruise is popular not only among tourists but also among locals. Cabins Adelaide Hills offer you the best services.
See the world's largest water lily, the Victoria Amazonica, which is the pride of the local botanical garden. There is a separate pavilion for it. It was founded in the 19th century, and its collection includes hundreds of plants worldwide. In addition, many of the specimens are over a hundred years old. Swans and ducks scamper along its paths, begging visitors for treats, while flying foxes doze overhead, wrapped in leathery wings, in the treetops.
Taste delicious Australian wine on a trip to the Barossa Valley. 
Here, 60 kilometres from Adelaide, along the North Para River, there are about 50 farms and large and not-so-large family wineries. It is the main wine-producing region of the state, with unique vineyards and even a small museum where tourists can learn more about the culture and traditions of winemaking.