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Best Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance For Longer Use

Submitted by Meero123 on Mon, 05/25/2020 - 01:30

Do you still have a good mood to cook when you see the bright cabinets become "totally different" after a period of use? Because the whole cabinet integrates the comprehensive functions of washing, burning, storage, oil smoke and so on, it is easy to get old and dirty after being used for a long time, so the cabinet needs to be well maintained. Let's share some common sense about daily maintenance and cleaning of kitchen cabinets for your reference.

1. No matter which kind of cabinet is used, after each use and cooking, the surface of lampblack machine, gas stove,wall tiles/backsplash tiles and countertop tiles shall be wiped clean in time, and the used utensils and seasonings shall be cleaned and put back to the original place.

2. When cleaning and wiping the countertop of the cabinet, avoid leaving water on the countertop for a long time. No matter what the material is, long-term exposure to water will reduce its service life. Remove the oil smoke stains with wet cloth in time, and the aged dirt needs special treatment with detergent.

3. The surface of the door panel shall be protected from scratches by sharp tools, and shall be moisture-proof. Water shall not be dropped on the door panel for a long time to prevent the door panel from being soaked. Cleaning agent and soap solution can be used for wiping, and thinner and alcohol shall not be used. If there is glue on the door panel, it can be gently wiped with maintenance cleaning wax. If necessary, it can be wiped with a small amount of alcohol (the door panel with paint can't use alcohol) with cotton cloth or towel, and can't use steel wire ball. It is absolutely forbidden to contact the door panel with concentrated acid, alkali and other corrosive agents, if there is contact, it needs to be cleaned immediately with neutral detergent or soap solution.

4. Pay attention to whether the position of the shelf clamp is correct. Try to put heavy objects in the lower cabinet. The upper cabinet is suitable for placing light objects, such as seasoning cans and glasses. Clean the utensils and wipe them dry before putting them in.

5. Please wipe the basket accessories in the cabinet with dry cloth to avoid water marks caused by water drops left on the surface.

Kitchen cabinet maintenance is easy to be ignored, in fact, well maintained cabinets are the least likely to be damaged. Of course, the cabinet to use for a long time, the most important thing is quality, so it is very important to choose a good quality cabinet.