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Astrology can be described similar to a religion for me

As a long-time fan of horoscopes since childhood, I've come to see the study of astrology as more than an enjoyable investigation into how the planets impact our everyday life. I'm sure I've gotten better through regular readings on my sign of the sun, Taurus. I've come closer to understanding what I'm like as a person and what my traits of personality are typical of Taureans. stubborn, fond of comfort, and sometimes a bit stubborn.
That's right I did it. The statistics show that I'm not the only one. According to the survey from the year 2017 Pew Research Center poll, more than 30% of Americans are believers in the astrological concept. As The New Yorker notes, "scholar Nicholas Campion, the author of 'Astrology : popular religion within the Modern West,' argues that the percentage of people who can identify their sun's sign, consult their horoscope or read about the astrological signification of their romantic spouse is significantly higher."
Many people seek out the science of astrology when they are in difficult times and the numbers are likely to continue growing. According to the Atlantic states that in this chaotic, data-driven age many people seek comfort and wisdom from the zodiac even if they do not believe in it.
I'm with Gen Xers who love to eat the stuff to death. In my 30s, my comfort was in knowing that according to astrology the reason why my relationship was so unstable was due to the position of the planets within my chart. Now, in my 40s, I've started to feel more confident by reading AstroTwins. AstroTwins that the coming years will be my chance to start a new venture and that's why I'm investing all of my time with Jumble and flow. If it weren't for astrologers' daily monthly, and weekly messages that remind me that I'm on the right track and need to stick to my entrepreneurial path I may have given up on the idea months ago.
Ten of the top Horoscope websites
If you're looking to have a sleek web design, you may not see it on these websites, but I have eliminated some websites where the pop-up ads are out of hand. You may want to save this page as a bookmark or save it to your calendar in digital format so that you can go back each month.
Astrostyle from The AstroTwins
It's true that they're a 2-person pair, yet I am not sure how they do it. What is the secret behind identical twins Ophira as well as Tali Edut so productive? They write weekly, daily and monthly horoscopes that cover each of the 12 astrological signs, both on their own website and on -- and they're always charming and written well. This is one of the first websites I visit towards the end of every month.
The Astrology Zone created by Susan Miller
It's not surprising that Susan Miller is one of the most renowned astrologers worldwide. Since 1995 her monthly horoscopes are, by far, among the most high-end, best deep in the world. Her writing style is very personal to the person reading it, which is wonderful and all, but a reminder to those who love their horoscopes published on January 1st: Susan is known to publish a bit late. She won't sacrifice quality to meet deadlines, however Susan will be sure to keep readers informed about her progress through twitter. You can also join the daily horoscopes by clicking here. Best Astrologer In Jodhpur ,  Best Astrologer In Mumbai , astrologer shrimali ,Shrimali astrologer, Astrologer In Jodhpur, Best Astrologer In Indore, Best Astrologer In Delhi