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Arisun AD737 11r 22.5 Tires

Truck bus Radial commercial tyres are the only emphasis of the brand ARISUN, which was created specifically for the North and South American markets. The brand produces only Ultra-Premium quality Semi Truck trailer tyres that are designed to provide exceptional performance. Customers from many business segments enjoy a flawless driving experience thanks to its cutting-edge R&D technologies. The majority of ARISUN 11r 22.5 Tires received EPA's SMARTWAY certification. They are made to increase fuel efficiency and are energy efficient. The brand's quality control system is well respected by international car manufacturers in addition to being approved by the world's tyre manufacturers. Guaranteed is safety, one of the most important factors for clients. The driving wheel location long haul aircraft Maetrotire

What do 11r 22.5 tires mean?
The tyre nomenclature is 11r22.5, where "11" stands for the tire's section width in inches. The letter "R" in the tyre size denotes that the tyre is made of radial materials. The cord plies in radial-ply tyre design are radially or at a 90-degree angle to the direction of rotation (from the centre of the tire). In the nomenclature, "22.5" denotes the rim type and diameter. Tubeless or drop-center rims are indicated by rim sizes beginning with a. 5, while multi-piece tube type rims are indicated by rim sizes that are whole numbers. Most consumers refer to 11r22.5 tyres as tall twenty-two and a half.