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The ancestor of all demons

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The strange lamp began to rotate, turning a circle gently. The souls nearby all showed the same fear as if the end was coming, and their bodies floated up from the afterlife, breaking away from the shackles of the afterlife under a mysterious force, but there was no joy on their faces, only endless fear and ferocity. The body mysteriously disappeared, leaving only a tiny black spot of light in place. These points of light seemed to be pulled by some kind of traction, and rushed quickly to the strange lamp. Rush into the light. Appear in the position of the wick. Little black spots of light gathered in the lamp, and tens of thousands of spots of light burst into a burst of intense light. Together, they formed a black flame the size of a sesame seed, which became the wick of the strange lamp. Immediately after the lamp had a wick, it emitted a mysterious black light and shone around. The wick in the strange lamp is still very small and can only shine on a small area, but in this area, several souls are illuminated by the light, all of which, like the previous souls, mysteriously turn into tiny spots of light and fly into the lamp, every bit. The flame of the lamp heart increases one point, and the lamp heart becomes bigger unconsciously. The heart of the lamp becomes bigger, and the scope of the lamp is also expanding. All of a sudden,endless swim pool, I saw the strange lamp as the center. The light is expanding outward in degrees visible to the naked eye. (To be continued) Day o8 Old Shanxun Book Exposes Satirical Pieces Qi Yu Chapter 311 ghost lamp. Where Ding Mi is! Outside. The face of the soul in the river of the afterlife is dead, and the eyes show the expression of the coming of the end. Under the cover of the light, they can't even struggle. They can only watch helplessly as the body of the soul dissipates, leaving a tiny spot of light like dust, flying quickly to the dark ghost lamp. There is a kind of artistic conception that all Dharmas return to their ancestors! When these points of light enter the ghost lamp, they all melt into the wick in the lamp. Under the continuous influx of points of light, the wick in the lamp,jacuzzi manufacturers, which is only the size of sesame, is also increasing in the degree seen by the naked eye. Each increment is one point. The light will be more intense, the coverage will be larger, and the soul will be more. Everything is unfolding in a benign way. Between a few breaths, with the ghost lamp as the center, hundreds of thousands of souls were taken away in such a mysterious way. Not even a trace of resistance. The strangeness of the ghost lamp is simply to the point of making people point. Laomeng, among our eight demon kings, you have the most extensive knowledge. Your "Red Dust into Dream" skill is to practice with the help of other people's dreams. Few people in the demon clan can compare with what they know in their dreams. Can you recognize it? "This lamp, the golden-winged bat king, looked at the ghost lamp in the afterlife with an unusually dignified expression, and asked the silver beside it." I've never heard of such a strange thing in the secret land of the demon before. If you know the old dream, you should say it quickly. Don't keep us in suspense. Blood Jiao Wang saw the moment of the ghost lamp, the evil spirit on the body can not help but converge a lot, this is a natural behavior. Although Bi Ziyan did not speak, jacuzzi suppliers ,endless pool swim spa, but a pair of beautiful eyes also quietly fell on his body. How interesting With a bitter smile at the corners of her mouth, she shook her head slightly and said, "If you want to talk about the famous lamp treasures since ancient times, I can still count them out. Nothing is more important than the" Treasure Lotus Lamp "bred in the ancient Lotus Pond, the" Fire Lamp "bred in thousands of flames, and the" Heart of Heaven Lamp "bred by the essence of jade and the essence of the earth. These are all famous in ancient times, and have shown their supreme power in the hands of the world's powerful people. But whether it's a lotus lantern, a fire lantern, or a heart lantern. None of them is the same color as the one in front of us. There is no terrible power to devour the soul. "In my opinion, this ghost lamp will not be a treasure that appeared in ancient times, but may be another supreme treasure that has been bred recently, an innate Lingbao that has evolved from the generation of heaven." Silver said hesitantly, words, but also some difficult to determine, after all, what happened in ancient times, how many powerful treasures have appeared, to now, not much is clear. The lamp in front of us is like this. What can be said is only a guess. Innate Lingbao? Blood Jiao King, Golden Wing Bat King and even Bi Ziyan's eyes, can not help but shine at the same time, others are not clear.
How could they not know the power of the innate Lingbao? You know, in the division of various magic weapons, the magic weapon, the magic weapon, and then the Lingbao. It can be said that there are distinct layers, but above Lingbao. But there is still the existence of congenital Lingbao. Innate Lingbao is not necessarily stronger than Lingbao. But it is the creation of heaven and earth. It contains the truth of heaven and earth and the verve of the road. If we can understand it, it will be a great sublimation for the realm of cultivation. Very magical, unfortunately, this kind of treasure, are not refined by people, but by the natural generation of heaven and earth, the number is extremely rare, even in ancient times, are rare tight. If this lamp is the legendary congenital Lingbao, it has to be said to be a supreme. Tao. How interesting Silver glanced at their expressions and said with a faint smile, "Don't think about those impossible things. Don't say it's still impossible to determine whether it's a congenital Lingbao or not. Even if it is.". With our ability, we can't get our hands on it. Not to mention the power of the strange lamp itself, the afterlife alone is a natural moat that no one can cross. It is said that every innate Lingbao is born at the historic moment. If that's the case, there's no accident. This lamp will surely go away on its own, looking for its Lord of Heaven. Unless the owner of the lamp can be found and killed later. Otherwise, to rob, there is no demon saint or even the realm of the demon. Don't try to stop him by force. There was not a look of regret in his words, and it was obvious that he did not have the slightest idea about the ghost lamp. Unfortunately,hot tub manufacturers, the opportunity is not enough, looking at the opportunity in front of us, still can not stay. If this lamp is really bred from the afterlife. It must be a treasure. Can ,” Emperor Shitian also whispered a few words in his mouth. His eyes looked at the scene in the afterlife without blinking. I don't want to miss half of the picture at this time.