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Almighty Master

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"How?!"! I just had his class this morning. He said he was the new head teacher of our class. His name was Fang Bai. He was the head teacher of Class Two, Grade One. Teacher, what I said is true. All the students in our class can testify! Huang Zhou said very nervously. How can you not have it? How is that possible? Where on earth did Mr. Fang go? It was not easy for me to see a little hope of becoming an array master. Looking at Huang Zhou's expression that she was about to cry, the female teacher squatted down and patted Huang Zhou on the shoulder. She whispered, "Don't worry. What's going on? Tell the teacher first." Come on. Come on. There are a lot of people who support me. Chapter 663 four deans. "When we had our first class this morning, the university said that it had arranged a new head teacher for us, and then a teacher in black came in. His hair was not long, and he was quite durable. He came in and said that he was the new head teacher of our class, called Fang Bai, and then taught us some basic knowledge of formation.." Huang Zhou pursed his mouth and whispered. Of course, he left out the first prank. Fang Bai? The female teacher murmured, then looked at the innermost teacher in the office, "Teacher Fang Yang, do you know this teacher Fang Baifang?" "Eh?!" Stunned for a moment, Fang Yang pondered for a moment and said,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, "I don't know!" "So you didn't go to class this morning?" The female teacher finally noticed a key point. Ahem. I had a stomachache in the morning, and then.. Fang Yang told a little lie. Then who on earth is this Fang Bai? The female teacher said doubtfully. Then she looked at Huang Zhou in front of her and said softly, "Well, the teacher will help you ask if it is a senior teacher. If you don't find it, the teacher will help you go to other departments to ask if it is feasible to find this Fang Bai teacher." "Thank you.." Thank you,brushed stainless steel sheet, teacher. Huang Zhou thanked the female teacher. It's all right! The female teacher smiled gently at Huang Zhou. After Huang Zhou left, the female teacher changed her gentle face and looked at Fang Yang coldly and said, "It's not easy to transfer you to the Dragon Academy. It's only the first day that you made such a big mistake for me." "Cousin, don't you look at what class this Formation Class 2 is? It's full of problem students, dandy, prickly students, and some students who don't want to learn Formation at all. If you let me teach this class, you might as well kill me!" Fang Yang shrugged his shoulders helplessly. Some teaching is already good. What else do you want? The female teacher stared at Fang Yang angrily. At least I am an intermediate teacher. It must be more than enough to teach these little devils. Anyway, I won't take this class. Since someone is willing to be the head teacher of this class, let him be the head teacher! Fang Yang looked indifferent. You For his cousin, the female teacher also has no way, 304 Stainless Steel Coil ,304 Stainless Steel Bar, at this age to become an intermediate teacher, is indeed a matter of pride, the university is also because of this reason, only to listen to their own opinions to hire him in. "Since you don't want to take this class, it's urgent to find the so-called teacher Fang Bai first, as long as he's willing to take over this class, everything else is easy to say." In order to solve the mess for her cousin, the female teacher began to look for the so-called teacher called Fang Bai. There are many teachers in the university, not many, after spending nearly a day, the female teacher still did not find the so-called teacher Fang Bai. As time went on, several students in Class 2, Grade 1 found out the feasibility of the triangle array method mentioned by the new head teacher. Later, when Huang Zhou was bragging, he accidentally exposed himself as the protagonist of the perfect teaching video. In an instant, he became famous, at least in the Dragon Academy.
In a short period of time, all the people in the Dragon Academy knew that there was a student who could use the formation perfectly in the primary class of the formation, and the masters of the formation in the Dragon Academy began to look for reasons to visit the new formation. After learning that the whole class had a lecture on the construction of the basic array, these masters became interested and began to look for the teacher named Fang Bai, and also began to explore the feasibility of the triangle array. The formation master is not a career that can be accomplished overnight. In the stage of academic study and college study, it is basically to lay the foundation and learn about the construction of the formation base. If the talent is not particularly outstanding, or if you have one or two pieces of particularly good equipment, the array mage at this stage can basically only be called an apprentice. If you want to build a complete array, you can only fully display it after you understand the rules of the array and enter the later stage of the true state. Therefore, these array masters are very curious about Huang Zhou, a student who can construct the array in the early stage of the True Dharma Realm. Especially after listening to the students retelling the lesson about the basic array, everyone became interested in the mysterious teacher Fang Bai. A week later, no matter how these people searched, they could not find any information about the so-called Fang Bai teacher, as if the Fang Bai had disappeared out of thin air. Only when the array master was looking for the so-called Fang Bai, they found that the teacher was also looking for the so-called Fang Bai teacher. "You're looking for Mr. Fang Bai, too?" The dean of the array looked at the musician in front of him and asked with some surprise. What's the matter? So are you? The musician dean looked confused and suddenly looked at the array dean in front of him. Where are you all? As it happens, I want to ask you if there is a teacher named Fang Bai in your college. Just as the head of the array and the head of the musician met,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, another voice came from the side. The two men turned their heads in astonishment, only to see the Assassin Dean looking blankly at the two men. Why, are you three also looking for that teacher Fang Bai? Another voice came from the side. Taming animal dean looked at the three deans in front of him with a surprised face.