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This all adds up to a more defense-oriented brand of football than in the past

You’ll be tasked with making decisions as a quarterback faster than ever this year because of how quickly a pass rusher is likely to be in the backfield and in your face. There were those who complained about FUT 23 Coins this clear shift in the game back when the beta was being tested, but there’s little doubt that it does make for increased realism with the need for shorter release times. That makes it more vital than ever to make pre-snap reads and adjustments before cycling through your progressions in a hurry once the ball is in your hands.

Blitzing linebackers and defensive backs can easily slip through gaps in the offensive line untouched and being aware of your check-down options and sliding around effectively in the pocket can be the difference between a big loss or gain. To add to the difficulty of moving the ball on offense, defenders show increased awareness and aggressiveness now in executing their coverage assignments. This is especially true in man coverage, which could be enough of a crapshoot in the past to largely be avoided but now can be relied upon to hold up more consistently without receivers being left wide open.

While zone coverages meanwhile might not be quite as effective as they were in the beta, they’re still considerably better than in FIFA 23 in how defenders stick to patrolling their area and make plays on any throws in their direction. When a running back or receiver does have the ball in their hands, it’s great to see the defense converge on the ball-carrier, with gang tackles now showing up in the game once again.

This all adds up to a more defense-oriented brand of football than in the past and cheapest FUT 23 Coins one where any wrong move at quarterback, especially on All-FIFA difficulty, can easily derail a promising drive with a sack or a turnover.