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Age of Light _ Blood Red _ txt Novel Paradise

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An inscrutable smile, Yin and Yang showed a smile that everything was under control: "Your people attack, my people assist, I can pay a huge reward for your casualties!"! If you refuse, I will immediately unite with the Dunnigenstein Empire to launch a counterattack against you! Ximen Feng pulled out a brilliant sword and smiled gently. "Mr. Alda, no, Lord Alda, please believe me. Linzi doesn't know we're here to deal with him. Our family is an ally of his family!"! We can join hands with them and catch you all. With a smile, the long sword in Ximen Feng's hand suddenly burst out with countless dazzling thin flames, like a small sun bursting out on her palm. These flames are wrapped with countless divine lines and magic marks, which are clearly a semi-artifact of high quality! Lin Qi narrowed his eyes, the quality of this semi-artifact is excellent, except that there is no generation of spirits, the quality is no less than the ordinary lower level of the artifact. Bilibili opened his mouth, and his face turned pale. Without waiting for him to speak, Yin and Yang had already smiled indifferently: "Believe in our strength. We will join hands with them to catch all your people. The people around Lin Qi must have lost. We can easily strike back and capture him and the people around him alive." "So, Lord Arda, you have no choice!" Yin and Yang laughed coldly: "If you want to complete the tasks assigned by the big shots behind you, you must cooperate with us, otherwise, you can only be wiped out." Bilibili stared at Yin and Yang bitterly: "You must know the fate of offending the Longshan Empire!" Ximen Fengyun smiled lightly. "But who knows what happened here?" Silence for a while, the distant explosion, the collapse of the mountain, the sound of the ground cracking, howling, crying constantly heard,indoor endless pool, Bilibili took a long breath, and then slowly nodded: "We attack, you assist.". But if you dare to do anything strange, then don't blame us! Yin and Yang laughed. He nodded slowly and waved his hand gently. "Don't worry, we are partners, aren't we?" Bilibili snorted coldly, then turned and merged into a shadow. Then dozens of rockets rose into the sky and burst into a deafening roar at high altitude. A large amount of bloody red light was sprinkled. At the same time, the people brought by Bilibili took off their cloaks and turned into twisted shadows and fled into the jungle. The sharp whistling and howling suddenly increased, and the jungle in front of us suddenly turned into a bloody hell. A lot of blood sprayed out of the air, from the trunk, from the ground, countless blood dyed the jungle bright red, countless twisted figures whirled out of the air, garden jacuzzi tub ,hot tub spa manufacturers, and then fell heavily to the ground, no longer a breath. Yin and Yang showed a proud smile. He smiled gently at Ximen Feng and said, "Xiao Feng, you see, conspiracies are sometimes not easy to use. An open and aboveboard conspiracy is more effective.". These killers of the Longshan Empire are forced to become our pathfinder stones and a knife in their hands. This is turning the tables, and this is counterplot! Their loss this time must have caused heartache to some of their bigwigs? Lin Qi'quack 'laughed, he laughed triumphantly: "Will the killer of the dead and wounded let Wan En?"? I didn't know that the manager of Longshan was sad. But the pensions of these dead killers will surely make our king heartbroken! These are all gold coins, gold coins, gold coins! Yin and Yang laughed a few times, he waved his hand, Ximen Feng let out a sharp whistle, and then the young men and women of the same trade gathered one after another, forming a cone-shaped assault formation, slowly advancing to the depths of the island. The sound of "clatter" was heard all the time, and nearly a hundred men and women of the Flying Snake Yin family kept waving their staffs, summoning a large number of undead warriors.
A tidal wave of skeletons, battalions of zombies, and gargoyles with ferocious faces formed a vast army to rush forward, and among these low-level undead warriors, there were even some high-level undead creatures such as headless knights, black knights, and flesh and blood knights. And the performance of Yin and Yang is to let Lin Qi sit up and take notice, he just put the bone stick in his hand to the ground a pestle, the ground suddenly shook up, a 100-meter-long bone dragon slowly tore the ground out of the ground, carrying Yin and Yang, Lin Qi, Ximen Feng and others slowly walked forward. The jungle was burning, there was blood everywhere, and everywhere there was the pungent smell of bodies being burned by fire. Lin Qi is a little helpless to pull the finger, in order to create this real battle scene, Lin Qi spent how much money ah! At least the bodies lying dead in the jungle were bought from that greedy hyena in Kalhan. Each of these'fresh 'preserved corpses was extorted a large sum of money by Karhan! Want to design Yin and Yang, they are a group of strong people from the ancient race, to the extent that no one can escape, it is not easy ah! There was an angry roar in the distance: "Linzi, you must give us an explanation!"! Where did you provoke such a powerful enemy? More than a dozen old men with white hair and whiskers had risen into the air in the strong wind, waving their long swords and splashing them with the same dense light as the rain. Similarly, more than a dozen masked men with strong breath jumped into the air, waving all kinds of strange weapons, bringing up a shadow and fighting with the old people. The battle between the demigods is much more exciting, much more tragic, and the casualties are much faster than the battle of the holy level! In just a few breaths, half of these fighting demigods fell from the sky with blood spurting from their bodies. Their overflowing strength smashed the two peaks in the middle of the island,endless swim spa, the island of hell shook violently, the whole island beat crazily, and there was a tendency that it would collapse completely in the next moment. The adults in the palace will go mad! Lin Qi laughed slyly. "These demigods are worshipped by the Longshan family. They are the most reliable and essential power of the Empire. They are lost here. I'm afraid Your Majesty will be furious!" 。