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After the rebirth, the scum attack all spoils me.

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The female scriptwriter weakly raised her hand: "Director Liu, it was written in the original script that 'animals that are not included in the protection can be eaten with local materials'.." "Show!"! Performance! Who told you to really eat! Also, even if you eat it, it's roasted and cooked. Who told you to kill and eat it like this!!! Jin Yao wiped the juice left around his mouth and looked down at the small crocodile lying between his arm and chest. One man and one crocodile looked at each other for a few seconds. Jin Yao put the crocodile back resentfully. The guy curled up in the corner of the box, as if he knew he had escaped the disaster. Even his thick tail trembled. The room was filled with unspeakable silence. Everyone looked at Jin Yao as if he were watching a monster. There were indeed large-scale field survival programs abroad, but they were all professional adventurers who had experienced hundreds of battles. The audience was mostly a minority group who liked to stimulate and seek novelty. China had a special national condition, and the tradition of food culture could not be challenged. It was not that there was no living food, but on the spot, the knife saw blood. This is so ***ing scary! Why is it that such a handsome young man can kill a snake more easily than chopping melons and vegetables? What kind of freak did Chen send to himself! Liu Mingxu pinched both sides of the temple, he needed some time to slow down the impact of that picture, not only he, everyone is a little stupefied but God. Seeing that everyone was stunned and speechless, Jin Yao realized that his performance might not be very good. He held his saber in the palm of his hand, hung his head slightly behind his hands, and stood upright. It was the female screenwriter who was the first to speak carefully. She whispered, "Director, I think he's quite suitable. He has a good image,wire nail machine manufacturers, a strong sense of lens, and a little natural." This year, the first face is justice, such a picturesque face is expressionless to capture and kill living things, the flowing clouds and flowing water when the tip of the knife turns over, the face when swallowing snake gall does not change color, the handsome skin is wrapped in the soul of hormone explosion,Automatic Nail Making Machine, this contrast is simply to make the little girl's blood trough in front of the screen empty! Director Liu followed the scriptwriter's guidance and looked over. The audition booth was in a simple room built without windows on all sides. The fluorescent lamp on the roof of the booth was incandescent. The young man's back was as straight as a gun and a poplar. He stood there quietly, as if his breathing had been restrained. After being reminded by the scriptwriter, Only then did Liu Mingxu realize that when the child deliberately released his momentum, his strength was like a blade, but when he held his breath, you could hardly feel such a beautiful and dazzling person standing in front of you. Did I say he was not suitable? Liu Mingxu turned his head and glared at the scriptwriter. He coughed lightly and asked Jin Yao, "Have you ever been a soldier?" Chapter 37 Jin Yao was stupefied, and his mind quickly flashed through that pair of hands. Hit . The calloused hands of a gun. His body shook slightly, not very confident tunnel: "No." "" "Never been a soldier?" Liu Mingxu looked at him seriously in a strange way, "I see you have a straight back and a military spirit, which is rare." Liu Mingxu clapped his hands. His face was no longer as gloomy as it had been at the beginning. He could even be called pleasant. "Tell me, what else can you do?" "I can do everything you ask for on the desk, Nail machine supplier ,nail manufacturing machine," Jin Yao said honestly. "Landing high in the sky, climbing trees, identifying directions, marking road signs, making fires in the field, using knives, finding food and shelter.." The entire director group looked at him in amazement. Some people admired him with little stars in their eyes, such as Fang Mingya, the only female screenwriter. Some people disapproved and even sneered, thinking that the child's cowhide was bigger than a hot-air balloon and could go up to the sky. Others were interested and doubtful, such as Liu Mingxu.
"Everything else is easy to say, even if you are given emergency training for half a month, you will soon be able to master it." Liu Mingxu held the desk book rolled into a cylinder in his left hand and knocked on the palm of his right hand. "High altitude landing.. Come on, I'll take you to an audition! Xingcan was not far from Beili Film and Television City. Jin Yao returned to the bridge he was familiar with. But this time, he did not jump into the water from the bridge to finish the task. Director Liu went to a lot of trouble to get an elevator. He patted Jin Yao on the shoulder kindly and asked gently: "How high can you enter the water from?"? What is the limit? Jin Yao scratched his head: "I haven't tried it, but this bridge is four meters high. I've jumped many times. It's not difficult at all. If it's the limit, it's ten or twenty meters." Jin Yao himself is not very sure. Android can dive vertically from a 15-meter helicopter. If you can do the same, you can stay! Liu Mingxu almost coaxed. In fact, even if Jin Yao was a cabbage helper, he had already decided to stay. Liu Mingxu just felt that the child had great potential. As a director, he certainly hoped that the program would be as interesting as possible. "Let's do it little by little, starting from six meters and going up. When you feel the limit, you will stop." Jin Yao said directly: "Let's start with ten meters. It's easy for me to jump over the ten-meter platform in the swimming pool." Fang Mingya looked at Director Liu, a big bad wolf. The appearance of Little Red Riding Hood can not help but feel pity. "Director Liu, in such a cold day, even if you want to dive, you should choose a swimming pool, and then freeze your children..". "Are you afraid of freezing?" Liu Mingxu asked Jin Yao with a smile. Ah, it's all right, "Jin Yao waved his hand and said carelessly," I've been jumping in this place for hours before! " However, he felt the kindness of the female scriptwriter. Jin Yao was always a little shy in the face of gentle women. He blushed and pursed his lips, showing a small vortex on his cheeks. He said gratefully to the female scriptwriter, "Thank you." Fang Mingya only felt that her heart was shaken by the child, handsome and well-behaved, and everyone felt distressed. However, Liu Mingxu was obviously not a person who would feel distressed. He knocked Jin Yao's chest wrapped in short down with his fist. Obviously, he could not feel any muscles under the thick down, but Director Liu said in all seriousness,Nail Making Machine price, "Hi!"! How strong the young man is! Then get dressed, get your goggles and earplugs, the water isn't as clean as the pool! Jin Yao ran to change his clothes. Fang Mingya shook her head helplessly. A silly baby fell into Liu Mingxu's hands. It was really a waste of natural resources.