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After becoming a vicious actress, I abducted the villain [Entry]

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Su Man also knew that the demon rattan pumped on the ghost, just like tickling, that is, the mucus it sprayed, for the ghost, it was no different from spitting on it, but. "The amulet on my body is gone." Su Man said helplessly. Then you summon the little wolf out, how can it be more effective than me? The gap between the first order and the second order is beyond the realm and cannot be made up at all. Su Man hesitated and said, "It is low and is no match for ghosts.." Before Su Man had finished speaking, he was interrupted by the demon vine. "Are all the opponents going up? If you can stop it for a while, it won't live even if you die." After the monk and the monster sign the contract of the original life, one person and one beast are connected with each other. Once the master dies, the servant beast will be buried. But when the servant beast dies, the master will only be eaten back. After a period of cultivation, it will be restored. This is the overbearing part of the contract of the original life, which can not be changed. Su Man knew that what the demon rattan said was reasonable, but he could not bear to let the wolf face the enemy who was several times stronger than it. However, the ghost did not give her time to think. After smelling the thunder, the ghost seemed to realize something. It suddenly let out a shrill scream, followed by a black smoke all over its body, and then jumped directly at Suman. Su Man drew out his blue water sword and waved it at the ghost, and a spray of congealed water fell on the ghost, like a stone sinking into the sea, without any response. At this time, she suddenly felt a cool in the back of her head, a gust of wind came from her ears,die casting parts, her body seemed to be fixed, unable to move, and out of the corner of her eye, she saw a figure flying from behind. Su Man heart under a Rin, no longer have time to tangle, directly called out the wolf. The author has something to say: Thank you for the landmine of the big boss, thank you for your message, thank you for supporting the original little angel, love you ( 'ε`) 、038 After the little wolf fell to the ground,die cast light housing, without Su Man's command, he kicked his hind legs and rushed at the ghost who was very threatening to Su Man. The speed of the wolf is very fast, the ghost is slow to react because of the injury, completely unable to avoid, blink of an eye, a wolf and a ghost will bump into each other. The ghost has rough skin and thick flesh, so the impact force has no effect on it at all, but it stops it from moving forward. Holding the blue water sword, Su Man wanted to fight with the little wolf. Then he heard the little demon urging him, "You two are no match for this ghost. Run quickly. The target of this ghost is you, not Xiao Hui. Only when you are not threatened, Xiao Hui will have a chance to escape." Su Man knows the meaning of the little demon, she stays, she and the little wolf have to die, she runs away, the little wolf may have a chance to escape. All understand the truth, but let her leave the wolf like this, Su Man really can't bear it. Seemingly seeing Su Man's struggle, alloy die casting ,non standard fasteners, the little demon said angrily, "In times of crisis, the servant beast is used to sacrifice for its master. You are so soft-hearted and a woman's benevolence. Why do you cultivate immortals?!" The little demon is right, the monk accepts the monster beast as the life servant beast, in addition to one person and one beast growing up together, fighting side by side, there is also a purpose is like now, when life is threatened, sacrifice the life servant beast, for their own survival. Su Man would not have thought too much about giving up the wolf directly when one person and one wolf had just got married and had no feelings. But now that one person and one wolf have been together for a year, the wolf is very attached to her. Now let her give up, Su Man really can't bear it. After all, people are not plants. But if let her accompany the wolf to die, she can not do, in Su Man's heart, the relationship between the wolf and her again intimate, but also a servant beast. The servant beast is nothing more than a servant. If in modern times, it is equivalent to their own pet, she can love it, spoil it, it died she will be very sad, very sad, but if let her live and die with it, she certainly can not do. After gritting his teeth, Suman ordered the little wolf, "Come after me quickly after shaking it off." With that, Suman did not hesitate to turn around and run in the direction of Lei Jiemu. After the little wolf pounced on the ghost, he caught it with one claw. Although the little grey claw was very sharp, the skin of the second order ghost was rough and the flesh was thick. This claw did not affect the ghost at all.
The little wolf just wanted to scratch his paw again, but was thrown out by the ghost. Seeing the ghost with a ferocious face chasing Su Man in the direction of escape, the wolf gave a low roar and rushed to the ghost again. When the little wolf ran as fast as he could, he ran to the body of the ghost again in a few breaths. Knowing that his claws could not hurt the ghost, the wolf opened his mouth and bit the ghost's neck. Repeatedly obstructed, the ghost has long been impatient, it grabbed the wolf's hind legs, will throw the wolf out, but because the wolf bit too dead, all of a sudden did not pull away. Although the ghost had no pain, he was still very angry at being treated like this by the wolf. He pinched his big palm hard, and the sound of several broken bones came. With a cry, the little wolf scratched his paw at the ghost, this time with purple thunder and lightning on his paw. Purple thunder and lightning touched the body of the ghost, immediately issued a crackling sound, the whole body of the ghost was numb, the whole body seemed to be fixed in general. Taking advantage of the moment when the ghost stopped, the wolf began to bite the head of the ghost again. With a ferocious scream, the ghost pulled off the body of the wolf and threw it to the ground. Su Man didn't dare to look at what was happening behind her. She just ran forward desperately. After running like this for another quarter of an hour, when Suman could hardly move, a big tree as thick as several people hugging each other appeared in front of him. The tree was dark, and its trunk and branches were twisted around each other like a black dragon. Around the tree, silver lightning like a thin line kept jumping and flashing, looking like iron trees and honeysuckle flowers, gorgeous and dazzling. Suman looked up and saw a twig growing at the top of the dark giant tree. The twig baby's arm is long, short, thick and thin, the color is bright green, the appearance is excellent,car radiator cap, like Jasper carving, you can see that it is not an ordinary thing. Thunder robbed the wooden heart? At the moment of seeing the twig, Suman couldn't help exclaiming.