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Acura Female Doctor: Abandoned Women with Babies Are Arrogant

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Borjinian was so frightened by Gu Changsheng that his eyes were on fire but he didn't even dare to move! "Lady, shall we try to get out first?" Sixi looked at the shadowy figure coming this way and asked in a low voice. You can't wait here to get caught, can you? "Get out?"? How to go out? Don't you see that the three odd array has turned into a prisoner dragon array? I taught the peacock this trick! Now I'm upset and not in the mood to go out! Gu Changsheng rubbed the crown scarf on his head painfully and frowned. Sixi was stupefied when he heard this and immediately opened his mouth. "What if I get caught?" Gu Changsheng was in a bad mood. Hearing this, he rolled his eyes and replied angrily, "If you catch it, you will catch it. What else can you do?"? They didn't dare to kill us and hang us up in Hualiu Lane! Shit, who did she provoke? How nice it would be if she left after seeing her son! I have to be free to watch the fun. How about it? Is it troublesome? She Nima is a red fruit fruit will cause trouble! As soon as Sixi heard this, he touched his nose dejectedly, "indeed." Boer only thought of the stone pillar standing stiffly, looking at the two men in surprise and uncertainty, unable to speak, he could only stand. Gu Changsheng sat on the ground with infinite sadness, waiting for death. After a while, the search of Mingyue Lou people came to a few people not far away. The leading two people are the two personal maidservants of Yuexilou, Ruoqin Ruoshu, two people look at each other, the heart at the same time flashed a touch of doubt,massage bathtub manufacturers, obviously trespassed into Mingyue Lou is a woman, how suddenly became three people? Ruoqin pointed to the sword in her hand and shouted coldly, "Who's here?"? How dare you break into Mingyue Tower! Gu Changsheng, who was holding his head and meditating, looked up slowly and replied with a word on his face, "Me!" "Uh.." When Ruoqin and Ruoshu saw her face,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, they were stunned at the same time. In a twinkling of an eye, they knelt down on one knee and said in unison, "I've seen Lady Changsheng!" Changsheng Niangzi and her master are good, and they are the mothers of their young masters, and they are more helpful to Mingyue Lou. They did not hesitate to do this gift. Boer just stared at the woman who was kneeling in a circle. Her long eyelashes blinked a few times, and her face was in disbelief. Gu Changsheng helplessly looked at the kneeling people, impatiently waved his hand to open his mouth, "all get up." When Ruoqin Ruoshu heard this, she got up first, but it was Ruoqin who said, "Lady Changsheng has come to take the young master home."? Just then, Granny Ruhua guessed that it was you who rushed into Mingyue Tower at night, indoor endless pool ,endless pool factory, but the young master claimed that it was not. How could Lady Changsheng be trapped in the prisoner dragon array? Knowing that the prisoner dragon array was made by Lady Changsheng, Ruoqin asked doubtfully. Chapter 267 never return without seeing a beautiful man. When Gu Changsheng heard this, he was speechless and looked at the sky. After a while, he replied, "I didn't come to pick up the small meat buns. I wanted to visit your Mingyue Building and see him go back. Who knows I met her!" As he spoke, Gu Changsheng pointed to the mummified Borjinjin. "Ruoqin and Ruoshu also looked away and frowned slightly." It was she who broke into your Mingyue Building. As my son said, no matter how bad I am, I won't be caught by you, OK? Gu Changsheng sighed and betrayed his teammates in his spare time. "When she heard this, she stared at her." Is this the man who broke into the Mingyue Building? Ruoqin asked doubtfully, "then why is she with your wife?" If Qin doesn't ask, Gu Changsheng is even more sad. "Curiosity killed the cat. I'm not curious. What kind of woman can dress up as a man and go to the brothel like me? The result is not to cause this trouble!" "Lady Changsheng, my mother-in-law has issued an order to kill." Ruoqin opened her mouth in embarrassment.
Look at the appearance of Changsheng Niangzi, as if she knew the person who broke into Mingyue Tower. As soon as he heard the order to kill, his eyes suddenly stared round in disbelief and wailed silently, no! Gu Changsheng sighed helplessly when he received the look in her eyes asking for help. He patted the grass clippings on his body and got up. He looked at Ruoqin and said to them, "Ruoqin, Ruoshu. What about this woman? She's Zhou Mu's little sister. You can't kill her hanging in Hualiu Lane!" "Tell your flowery mother-in-law for me that the little meat buns are mischievous. Let him stay in Mingyue Building for two more days and have a long memory. Don't tell him I've come to see him!" "As for this trouble, I'll take it with me. Please find a scapegoat to hang out." Ruoqin and Ruoshu looked at each other, bowed their heads at the same time, and answered, "The maidservant will tell you." "Then I'll go." Gu Changsheng tidied up his clothes in his spare time and blinked his big eyes. Send Lady Changsheng off! Ruoqin Ruoshu hurriedly saluted to see him off. Only then did Gu Changsheng turn around and look at the frozen Boer. He opened his mouth with a black face. "What are you still waiting for?"? Are you really waiting to be hung in the lane of flowers and willows? Don't come with me! Bo Er only read the words, and his anxious big eyes blinked down. She still has a silver needle on her neck! Who will pay for it if there is a human life? "I'm here. Even if you break your throat, you can't die. If you don't go, you can stay in the prisoner dragon array and drink the northwest wind!" Gu Changsheng snorted coldly and turned away. Bo son only catty read Wen Yan, where also attend to other, stiff neck hurriedly follow. She doesn't want to drink the northwest wind here. This bamboo forest is so evil! "Ah!"! Right! Ruoqin Ruoshu, there is a doorman of my family in the Water Pavilion. Remember to tell him to go home early to guard the door! Out of a few steps away, Gu Changsheng thought of Zhou Zongbao, hurriedly turned around and told him. Ruoqin and Ruoshu looked at each other and smiled helplessly, so they had to answer. Gu Changsheng was relieved and led the people behind him to walk out of the array. Looking at the figure of their departure, Ruoqin Ruoshu waved his hand to let the people below deal with the aftermath and turned to look at each other with a wry smile. It seems that Ruoshan and Ruoshui have fallen into the hands of Lady Changsheng. Ruoqin shook her head and opened her mouth. Ruoshu Wen Yan nodded, and she, who never liked words, turned to listen to the water pavilion, while Ruoqin turned back in the direction of the bamboo building. Gu Changsheng and his party went out of the bamboo forest without any suspense. As they walked out, they opened their mouths and said, "I said,best whirlpool tub, Miss Nian, are you going to Mu Jun Wang Fu to find your brother, or where are you going?" 。