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3 Best Tractor Threshers of Absolute Quality & Affordability

Threshing machines are the ultimate solutions to help separate wheat, soybeans, peas, & other crops from their chaff and straw with great efficiency and effectiveness. Earlier, the threshing process was done by hand and often took a long period of time. But now, with these implements, it’s less time-consuming and more productive.

If you are looking for top tractor-operated thresher machines in India, here are 3 top options.

M55 Thresher by Mahindra

This 35 - 55 hp implement with a price starting from Rs 1.95 lakhs in India is suitable for paddy threshing. This single machine can deliver an output of up to 1.2 - 1.25 tons/hour*. This implement weighs 1250 kg and has a length of 1800 mm, which is why it is easy to accommodate in any field type. Moreover, it has flour blades centrifugal type fan that helps achieve energy efficiency. This Thresher Price is Rs 1.95 Lakh* in India.

Swaraj P-550 Multicrop

This 40-hp thresher with a 1550 kg weight and 4020 mm length is highly suitable for multiple threshing crops like wheat, soybean, black grams, beans, etc. Its working width of 2240 mm gives precise and efficient output. Its 805 mm cylinder provides effective power to separate grains from chaff and straw.

Ks Group Multicrop Thresher

It is a 35 hp, tractor-operated multi-crop thresher, suitable for threshing activities in multiple crops & fields. This implement offers threshing efficiency of 99.81%, while its self-cleaning efficiency is 99.3%. The implement is suitable for Red Gram, Soybean, Maize, Green Gram, Wheat, and Black Gram.

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