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Anti-Ageing Sun Protective Face Cream (SPF 30)

Anti-Ageing Sun Protective Face Cream (SPF 30) This sun protective face cream is formulated to prevent sunburn and shield from harmful UV rays. With containing highly nutritious ingredients like Gooseberry, Apricot, Almond, Carrot, Aloe Vera, Spiked Ginger Lily, Saffron, Licorice, Natural Vitamin E, Papaya, Shea Butter, Wheat Germ and Yashad, this natural sunscreen protects from tanning and premature ageing, stimulates the skin’s resilience and fights free radicals, and delivers intense hydration and sun protection. This organic sunscreen lotion SPF 30 has therapeutic effects on skin irritations and various infections, and its anti-ageing activities prevent signs of ageing and leave your skin with glowing and radiant texture.

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