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Steel Recon Industries

Started in 1974, Steel Recon Industries Sdn Bhd (SRI) is a proudly Malaysian supplier, which offers a complete series of fire fighting goods, equipment and innovation solutions by using a huge network of suppliers in over 70 nations. SRI's offerings are accredited by global standard boards for instance, VdS, LPCB, BSI, UL and Sai Global, highlighting their dedication to providing the most dependable firefighting solutions individualized for worldwide requirements. A fire fighting system is an important part of any fire safety facilities. 'Fire suppression' is a collective terminology for any engineering group of units that are produced to put out a fire. This can be reached by putting an extinguishing substance including water, foam or chemical materials. This post discovers the variety of applications within a fire suppression practice, so site professionals and building owners can begin to comply with fire safety policies and offer assurance to building owners and tenants alike. How does a fire suppression system work? A FM200 fire suppression system will have built-in elements to sense fires as soon as possible. These parts will first off discover the presence of flames and smoke. The suppression system will then trigger an alarm, so the blaze can be subdued just before it has the probability to expand. A fire suppression system can be considered an 'active' fire defense method because the system is triggered in response to the existence of fire. Every SRI's products are produced in our state-of-the-art centers which allow them to produce quality product lines at reasonable prices and likewise enables us the flexibility to serve unique goals. Head over to to learn more about fire suppression systems and other fire protection products. SRI items can be spotted in airports, petrochemical plants, manufacturing centers, aeroplane hangars, arenas, and hotels throughout the world. Their goal is simply to protect lives by leading the battle against fire.