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How Smaller Businesses Are Using AI to Compete With The Big Guys

Submitted by itechindia on Thu, 03/23/2023 - 08:09
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To rule their markets, every major corporation has made investments in AI. Big businesses appear to have every advantage; they can attract top staff and have access to vast volumes of data (which is essential to AI). Do SMEs have to give up hope that they can compete as a result of this? We at iTech have been integrating AI for business automation for both large corporations and smaller businesses. The distinction is that smaller businesses wisely select the battlegrounds where they can maximize their advantage and return on investment.

There are a few workflows that are ideally suited for the automation of business processes for smaller enterprises. Most SMEs are focusing their AI efforts in these four areas: business operations, customer engagement, talent management and finance. Here is what some of the smaller companies are doing to incorporate AI, either by customizing their solutions or using existing tools.

1. Increasing productivity
2. Customer engagement
3. AI in billing and invoice processing
4. Talent management

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