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G05500 Garden Hose Reel

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Brand Name: Gardepot
Moder number: G05500
Loading Capacity:1/2''(13mm)Hose - 60m
Material: PP And Steel
Packing: Colour Box
Package Size: 60x33x33.5cm
6pcs GW: 10kg

Garden hose Reel Cart for Gardening Work

A small tool for garden, simplify your work, collect garden hoses during a mess in time, light and straightforward to hold .
Rugged body, assist you quickly store, neat and delightful , easy to use.

Features of Garden Hose Reel

1. High Caliber - Water hose rack with PP, Steel or Aluminum materials, rust and erosion safe.
2. Straightforward - Freestanding or divider mounted for expanded adaptability.
3. Advantageous - Practical and straightforward approach to pull your water pipe out for use
4. capacity, Small size, simple to deal with for family unit planting and cleaning.
5. Quite Sturdy - Portable hose reel rack utilizes non-poisonous ecological material.
6. Rust and erosion obstruction
7. Simple to installation
8. Lightweight plan, advantageous to convey
9. Basic snap hose connector onto the capacity terminal after use, hostile to dribble security.
10.Space-sparing stockpiling.