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Make your brand known by vast users by developing a next-gen social media app with our smacking MeWe clone

Submitted by Aaronherso on Mon, 03/01/2021 - 00:58

The trending social networking app, MeWe, currently tops the Appstore and experiencing a surge in users due to its unique functionality. It is referred to as a next-gen social network and widely used by many due to the data privacy it offers and providing an ad-free experience.

The reason for its large customer base is it ensures data privacy and a non-biased platform permitting users to spill their thoughts, opinions with no consciousness. In short, MeWe ensures not to censor contents and to not show ads based on the user’s search habit.

This is the right time to develop an app like MeWe because the recent privacy threat to user data has become a major issue. Now users are on the hunt looking for the safest social media platform giving them the flexibility to share their minds and voice their thoughts with privacy. Yes, kick-off your free speech platform by incorporating your innovative ideas with Inoru's impeccable MeWe clone drenched with customizable features and services. Let's see what our MeWe clone has in store in the following.

The streamlined workflow of our MeWe clone
Easy login
Users can sign up by registering their credentials or by using their active social networking sites.

After logging into the app, they can start searching for their friends, pages they are interested in following.

Home page
Our clone app displays only the content posted by the user's liked and following pages.
They can like, share and share their thoughts in the comment section on the contents shown on their wall.

In-app chat/call
They can chat, make a call to their friends. We have integrated this secret chat option where the user can access it on the payment since it is one of the premium features.

Sharing their views
Users can share their views either by writing, posting an image, or a GIF. Our clone app for MeWe also gives your users the freedom to contest polls on subjects they prefer.

In-app alerts
If any action is taken on your user's content, they will be notified immediately using push-notification and keep your user informed about the latest updates.

This MeWe is called an anti-Facebook app. The newbie app, MeWe, is currently in surge due to Facebook's rigid policy on community guidelines. So get your business started by developing a new-gen social networking app like MeWe with our user-friendly MeWe clone.

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