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How to create an on-demand home services app like UrbanClap?

On-demand home services is not a new or fresh concept as it is already in existence for a long time. With technology advancements, this on-demand home service industry has moved forward with the mobile app.

One good example of this service is the Urban Company (UrbanClap). It was founded in 2014 by Abbhiraj Bhal. Their revenue generation was nearly $17 million in 2019 and it is enormous as the revenue earned in 2017 was $1.7million. This indicates that they have marked their presence in the on-demand service industry.

Top 10 essential features of the on-demand mechanic app

In the fast-paced world, everyone does not have sufficient time to take their car to the mechanic and get it repaired. Also, car breakdowns might happen unexpectedly when people travel to some other places. In such circumstances, they have to search for mechanics and it is difficult to find the best mechanic at that moment. Thanks to the on-demand mechanic app that is designed to connect car owners with mechanics.

Which features you could consider during Amazon Clone app development?

Features will frame the app’s functionality. The right set of features integrated into the app will pave the way for a seamless experience. Here are the most vital features of the ecommerce apps that you should consider when planning to create an app like Amazon.

Diverse payment options
Integrating diversified payment options gives a choice for customers to prefer their convenient payment modes. Customers' preferences differ and so it would be better to provide both cash and cashless payment options.

Real-time tracking

CloutHub Clone – Launch a non-biased social network app right now

Worldwide, people are more active on social media apps, communicating online with friends/distant relatives, establishing a professional network, and sharing information. There is no doubt that the social media app has changed the way people interact with each other.
Do you have an idea for developing a social media app? To create a social network app with meaningful interactions, you must know what it’s all about. In this blog, let’s explore the CloutHub Clone app development process in detail.

Captivating statistics of the social media industry

Noteworthy features to consider during UrbanClap clone app development

In this period of digitization, on-demand services apps have left a substantial impression on the internet users and gained huge popularity across the nation. UrbanClap is one of the top-rated home services apps offering multiple services, including household chores. Are you an entrepreneur seeking to set foot into this market by investing in an UrbanClap clone app development? Consider the following noteworthy features in your app.

Log in via social media

launch a subscription-based social media platform like FanCentro

In the modern world, celebrities or models need to connect with their followers to sustain the competitive market space. The online adult entertainment market is worth $97 billion and it is projected to increase by 15%. Moreover, there are 25+ million adult content sites that contribute 32% of the web traffic.

Fancentro – A subscription-based private social media platform

Enhance your medicine delivery business with an Uber for Medicine Delivery app

People cannot conveniently purchase their prescriptions at pharmacies due to several reasons. It includes lack of transportation, health concerns, and long working hours. Here comes the on-demand medicine delivery app into play. Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the demand for such an app as they can opt for seamless medicine delivery.

Significant features of Uber for Courier that you should have in your app

As technology changes everything, the courier industry has swiftly moved towards the digital space. With this change, people prefer to use a courier service app like Uber for Courier. This encourages entrepreneurs to start their own business. If you are one among them, make sure your app stands apart from the competition. For that, consider including innovative features upon analyzing the market trends, competitors, and target audience. Despite this, do not miss out on the following 5 significant features while developing your app.

Live Geo-Tracking

Enrich your business with a feature-rich Uber for flower delivery

Since the immense success of Uber’s on-demand taxi service, business owners/entrepreneurs started to invest in Uber for X ventures. The one model that stands unique among others is Uber for flower delivery which has a high potential in the market. If you wish to invest in flower delivery app development, make sure to consider all the essential features. A few of them are mentioned below.

Prominent features:

Launch a feature-packed TikTok clone app and hit the market

TikTok is a famous short video-sharing app that gave heavy competition to Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media apps. In a short span, it has gained this much popularity. The reason behind the popularity is its idea of facilitating the users to record a short video and upload them. Since its popularity, the market has been flooded with an app like TikTok, which is a replica of the parent app. Anyone can launch the video-sharing app using the clone script as it is a readily available app solution.


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