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Launch a feature-packed TikTok clone app and hit the market

TikTok is a famous short video-sharing app that gave heavy competition to Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media apps. In a short span, it has gained this much popularity. The reason behind the popularity is its idea of facilitating the users to record a short video and upload them. Since its popularity, the market has been flooded with an app like TikTok, which is a replica of the parent app. Anyone can launch the video-sharing app using the clone script as it is a readily available app solution.

Make money from the Tinder clone app by considering standard revenue models

With the increased usage of smartphones, dating has become digital. Currently, several dating apps are in existence that help people to find their perfect match. Among them, Tinder is one of the well-established apps. This is one of the main reasons entrepreneurs get inspired to create the Tinder clone app.

Amazon clone - Considerable features of an e-commerce app

Out of many business ideas, an e-commerce marketplace for a business is undoubtedly the best one. The immense success of an e-commerce service provider like Amazon motivates many entrepreneurs to set foot into the e-commerce industry with the Amazon clone app.

While developing an e-commerce app like Amazon, you have to consider the following essential features as they should not be opted-out in your app.

Admin panel

Consider the up-to-date features for OnlyFans clone app development

The concept of subscription-based social media apps empowers content creators like celebrities, models, artists, and many other professionals to showcase their skills to their followers. An app like OnlyFans, CelebVM are more popular among a wide range of internet users. Replicating this idea might lead to the success of your business. To make your app stand apart from others, you have to consider unique features to implement. Below are the top cutting-edge and premium features to consider before the OnlyFans clone app development.

Incorporate these three must-have features in the Uber for Courier like app

The idea of developing a courier delivery service app has revolutionized the industry as it seems to be more comfortable for people. If you aspire to build an Uber like courier delivery app, you have to consider several factors. Most importantly, the following three features must be incorporated into the Uber for Courier app.

Real-time tracking

All you have to know for developing a video sharing app like TikTok

Be it video sharing or photo editing; social media apps have gained more popularity recently by all age groups. There is no doubt that the reach of social media apps like TikTok had millions of active users during the pandemic. From the user's side, it is easy to use this app with many impressive features. This app is an inspiration for what budding entrepreneurs can do with a simple idea. You cannot predict which features will excite the users to prefer your app until you implement it.

Enter the on-demand industry by launching a cost-efficient UrbanClap Clone app

An on-demand multi-services app like UrbanClap connects skilled professionals for home services and customers. This platform uses an advanced match-making algorithm that enables customers to find the nearest service providers who match their requirements. UrbanClap Clone app development facilitates you to plunge into the on-demand industry shortly. Some of the services you consider integrating into your multi-services app are as follows.

A streamlined workflow of the on-demand alcohol delivery app

Alcohol delivery is legal in the United States, United Kingdom, and most European countries. Therefore, there is an excellent scope for startups or businesses which deliver alcohol via the app. The functionality of the Uber for alcohol delivery app is similar to the other on-demand delivery apps. If you already have an alcohol shop, it is high time to take your business to the next level by launching a liquor delivery app.


Attract more customers by integrating superlative features in your OnlyFans clone app

To get attention from many customers and gain more potential customers, you should consider incorporating exciting features in your app. Onlyfans clone script is a customizable app solution in which any new features can be added. Let’s see some of the superlative features.

Upload photo/video

This feature will let the users capture iterations of multimedia like images and videos. Then, they can upload those captured images and videos after editing.

Create albums

Popular business models to consider during courier service app development

Courier delivery is one such popular industry that has witnessed a drastic change these days. At the time when online shopping and ecommerce are booming, instant delivery becomes necessary for all on-demand services, including courier delivery. Do you want to plunge into this industry with an app like Uber for Courier? It would help if you choose the right business model. Let’s see the various business models in this blog.

Postal & courier service business model


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