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Xps Wall Panels

Discover top-quality bathroom renovations, waterproofing products, and expert Stile tiling services for a stunning bathroom remodel and Wall Lining Material and Plastic Flat Sealant Tool in NSW.

Xps Wall Panels
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Stile Board is made of 100% waterproof XPS foam CFC-free core, reinforced with fibreglass mesh on both sides, coated with modified polymer mortar at multiple thickness and sizes to provide a user-friendly product for easy installation to any Bathroom. Stile Board brings superior strength and bonding surface for your tiles. XPS is also a great insulation material.
For generations, our family has been in the tiling and bathroom industry. Since 1954 we have been tiling and renovating homes, 67 years of experience passed on from Grandfather to Son then Son to Grandson. Stile Board is the third generation with a fresh new way of thinking and a burning belief that there is a better way. Its tech is huge in the USA, UK and Europe and now with a twist to the process now pending patent, is tailor made for our market and ready to take Australia by storm. Stile Board is the future of bathroom installation technology in Australia.
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Location:- 31 Stoddart road,Prospect, NSW 2148, Australia
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