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WOW Chaturbate Completely Free Hot Sex LIVE Video Webcam Chat Now And Make Money Too

First of all let me tell you what exactly Chaturbate and Chaturbating consist of. Chaturbate is a web cam chatting adult sex video site. The definition of Chaturbating as put by the creators of this exceptionally well put together and thought out website is: The act of masturbating, while chatting online. Anyone and I mean anyone is welcome on this site as long as they obey a few simple rules that are stated clearly at sign up. Which by the way is very very simple and quick to do. All you need is an original user name and password and you could be chatting with a Chaturbate broadcaster/model in seconds. It is that easy, you do not need a credit card, money, or even an email address. Although if you provide a valid email address you can receive email updates when your favorite model is online broadcasting live or news about upcoming or ongoing contests to participate in, or deals on tokens.
Tokens are not a required necessity to chat with a model on Chaturbate, but if you purchase some or even a couple there are ways to have even more fun with tokens. You can tip the models with these tokens and that usually controls what they do, say, or show online. Or you can go to a private show with your favorite model if you have tokens. There are also ways to earn free tokens once you are a member. It is actually super easy once you become a member. You can watch for free in most of the chat rooms as long as you or the model prefers. The only way that the model knows if you have tokens or if you are a frequent tipper is with the light blue, dark blue , and grey member categorizing of the Chaturbaters. The light blue is a tipper, dark blue is a frequent tipper that has tipped in the last twenty four hours and grey is someone that has no tokens or has not tipped in last twenty four hours. They really all get treated the same it just helps the models to know which people are frequent tippers is all and your user name is just the different color when chatting.
Chaturbate has really only been around for barely a year now. There are already thousands and thousands of frequent chatters as well as broadcasters. There are multiple lifestyles/types of people on line twenty four hours a day. There are males, females, transsexuals, and even couples. Chaturbate is also one of the only adult sex sites that allows couple cams to broadcast, let alone for free. This definitely makes their site stand out as a better website than most. There is really someone for everyone.
Also you can become a broadcaster/model on Chaturbate and be earning money in minutes all you need is a webcam and a valid email address. Anyone can do it. You set the standards of your room and do what you like and don't have to do anything you don't want to.. Then when people tip you Chaturbate pays you. It really is just as simple and easy as I'm making it sound. Well if you are still curious as why everyone is saying Chaturbate is the best website than you need to go become a member and see for yourself.. You will not be sorry you did!!