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Why It Is Recommended to use eight feet free standing horizontal laminar flow hood?

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Safety cabinets and airflow hoods are important accessories you find in any clean rooms. These are essential safety devices. They are designed following all safety standards. They help maintain safety within the lab environments. The units are easy to be connected to any HVAC unit as well. They help maintain the lab space fume free.

If you are still unaware, you can also look around for top benefits offered by horizontal standing lamina flow hoods. These are mainly ductless and are easy to install in any lab space. They are also rated as lab safety cabinets.

But in general, these are considered the best alternative to expensive cabinets. They require less maintenance. You may not have to install cabinets that are equipped with an expensive exhaust unit system.

You can search for more information on eight feet free standing horizontal laminar flow hood online as well. You will come across multiple brands manufacturing these for lab purposes. So if you want to maintain a clean lab environment, then these laminar hoods are the best options.

As the units are horizontal and so they offer a wide suction area. They offer high suction power as well. They are an ideal option inside the lab in case you are not sure of the quality of the fumes produced during any chemical reaction.

Top benefits of installing these laminar hoods in any lab conditions

There are several benefits that you may have to get familiar with. Some most important benefits are listed here below.

Helps maintain an eco-friendly environment

Everyone loves to have a safe work environment when working in any lab. The room should have a regular supply of fresh breathable air indoors. This is more important if you are using air conditioner units in the lab.

Laminar flow hoods will guarantee that fresh air is maintained indoors. The laminar is designed to eliminate all types of contaminants and pollutants from the indoors. So, if you are performing a chemical experiment, then you may not have to worry about the toxic fumes produced.

Economical options

Installing multiple exhaust units and systems may never be cost-effective solutions. Having just one single vent and exhaust unit may never offer the best solution. This is where the eight feet free standing horizontal laminar flow hood is helpful.

It is a more economical solution. You may not have to install an exhaust system if you are having one in the room. The units are also installed with a carbon filter that is easy to dispose of on being used up completely.

Portable type

The exhaust system can never be a portable type. The exhaust unit has to be fixed in the wall. You can also fix the exhaust unit on the roof. But that may never be an economical option. Just invest your money in a laminar flow hood.

These devices are portable type and are easy to install inside the room itself. The device can be placed right next to the HVAC unit. So you may not have to look around for a safe place to install them. Horizontal type may not need to be installed on the roof or the wall.

Minimal cost factor

The moment you place your order you will receive ready to use type hoods. They may not need any technical knowledge to install and start using. If you are going for a commercial exhaust unit you may need a special team to install the unit.

So exhaust units may not be ready to use types. But this is not the issue when using flow hoods. You just have to be familiar with the assembly part and you can start using them.

Safety features

As compared to any exhaust unit these hoods are a safe option. They operate silently. They are practically vibration and sound free devices. They are designed to be used in any lab condition.


The horizontal types are mainly in the form of benches. They can be used for inspection purposes. They help in maintaining a very clean work environment and place. The hood is always placed at a safe distance from the work area. They help in eliminating chances of contamination. You can search for the best lamina flow hoods online as well.