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Why It Pays To Have A Personal Injury Lawyer

There are often you'll need the help of an attorney. From getting out of speeding tickets to filing for a divorce, these things are critical for legal representation. The same can be said for auto accidents and other personal injury cases. A personal injury lawyer is a vital component to ensuring you don't get screwed by the insurance company. They will play hardball and try to settle your case for the bare minimum possible. You could be strapped for cash and feel like it's your only option to decide. Instead, contact a personal injury attorney and learn what options are available to you. Let's take a look at a few reasons why it pays to have a reputable attorney by your side.
You'll Get More Money.
It's been estimated that accident victims get a third more compensation when they hire an attorney. This works out well, as most attorneys charge 33% for their services. It doesn't matter how much time or energy they put into it; this is a standard rate. When negotiating on your behalf, they can go after the extra fees needed to cover their expenses. What this means for most clients is the cost is covered anyway. But, they'll also get you more money in general. This is likely due to the fact insurance companies know that the attorneys will negotiate harder.
Less Frustration
You won't have to be frustrated with insurance companies should you retain an attorney. They will handle everything for you. What this means is you can relax following an accident and recover. You don't have to spend hours on the phone trying to get your bills paid. That is the job of your attorney.
You Won't Settle or Feel Pressured.
Often accent victims feel pressured to settle. Whether it's the insurance company poking them, saying it's time to go back to work, or saying there's nothing more they can do, these things happen. When you have an attorney, you won't feel pressured to settle for less than your injuries are worth. This is important, especially to those that have severe injuries. You should never feel pressured to settle.
Contact A Lawyer—When
Many people are confused about when to contact a car accident lawyer Elizabethtown. They might not feel like they have a case or think it is a waste of time. No, this is not the case. You should seek representation following an accident, especially when there were significant injuries.