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Who is Nima Yamini?

Submitted by nimayamini on Mon, 12/05/2022 - 02:59

Nima Yamini is the founder of Yamini LLC a boutique private equity firm based in New York, he also is an active hard money lender in real estate. Nima likes to write about finance, business and share what he has learned as an entrepreneur from over 20 years as experience. Helping others learn about all the explosive opportunities that they could uncover with a better, stronger, and deeper understanding of the marketplace in the 2020s.

Within a short period, Nima was able to hit a record in sales for the company he was working for. This is when Nima discovered his forte in sales and knew it was something he could excel in. Nima used his ability in sales and marketing to scale his career as an entrepreneur. He managed events and organised several top-notch parties for celebrities across NYC. One of the parties hosted by Nima became so popular that it was covered by the New York Post. This success made him a recognised name in the city. More celebrities started attending the Monday night parties hosted by Nima.