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What's the best way to find old friends online?

Finding someone we lost touch with a long time ago is easier than ever thanks to the Internet. However, it takes a few tricks to really get results. Here you will find the most useful search tools.

Google helps
As is often the case when looking for something online, Google is the first port of call when looking for people. If you just type in the name of the person you're looking for, you might get lucky and quickly find the person you're looking for. A few tricks will help improve the procedure. Do not know about the us cities business directory? You can visit our website for more info.

Search in social networks
Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn are also a good place to find old friends again. You can also search for names in a Skype video chat.

Special Offers
Websites like  Pipl or Zabasearch  specialize in finding people online. However, they are primarily aimed at the American region. If you want to play it safe or suspect that the person you are looking for has gone abroad, you can still try to find him there.

Don't forget the good old phone book, which is of course also available online. On  Local  you can only enter the name of the person you are looking for and you will get results for all of Switzerland. Do not know about reverse address directory? You can visit our website for more info.

You should be careful with online offers that promise to find the person you are looking for for money (sometimes a subscription is also required). Such offers are rarely serious and usually bring only bad results.