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What happens in a gynaecological check-up?

It is common for women to feel frightened or unsure before their gynaecological appointment. A gynaecologist teaches you how to pay attention to your body. Gynaecologists of the best gynaecologist hospital in Patna can help you take control of your reproductive, physical, and sexual well-being, including delivery, birth control, and menopause, with regular check-ups. He may also undertake infection treatment, cancer screening, and surgery to treat pelvic organ or urinary tract disorders.
When should you first see a gynaecologist?
Your first gynaecologist visit should take place between the ages of 13 and 18 years.
What happens in the first gynaecological visit?
During the first visit, you and your gynaecologist may simply talk. You can also learn what to expect at future appointments and how to keep healthy. Your gynaecologist may ask you a lot of questions about you and your family members. Some of them will seem personal, such as inquiries about your sexual activities or menstrual cycle. Before answering any questions, you and your gynaecologist should discuss any concerns you have about confidentiality. As far as possible, keep your information private.
General health check-ups
The nurse will take your height, weight, and blood pressure at your first gynaecological appointment like a usual health check-up. A blood and urine test may also be required.

  • Pelvic exam: You will be asked to lie on an exam table with your legs open so that the gynaecologist may examine the vagina. The gynaecologist will examine your vulva with gloves to check for symptoms of infection. Moreover, the examination is not painful if you are relaxed.
  • Breast examination: As part of your breast examination, your gynaecologist will look for lumps or other abnormalities in your breasts.

Every year, you should schedule a visit with the best gynaecologist at Diwya Vatsalya Mamta Fertility Centre to ensure your vaginal health.