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What is the best time for the Goechala trek - premonsoon or Winter?

Frankly speaking, you will not go for a trek without checking for the favorable weather conditions; you will not move ahead. Goechala trek is a difficult rank trek that needs proper guidance and the best season to get the best out of the trek. As per my information collected, both seasons have their own beauty.
While on the trek during premonsoon, that is, from April to June, you will witness the colorful rhododendrons flowers all around with the pleasant weather and bright sunshine.
In contrast, when you plan to visit during winters, you will experience snowfall and chilling weather with fog and dull colors around.
Thus it depends on the trekker's choice if he loves witnessing flora and fauna or he/she is a snow lover. Both the seasons have their own flavors that you can enjoy. Picking a single season is quite difficult as you miss the essence of the other.