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What are you required to bring for Kedarnath Yatra?

It is believed that the Kedarnath temple is among the most sacred destinations for Hindus. Every year, thousands of Hindus visit the Kedarnath Dham, located at the top of the mountain in Uttarakhand. It is a symbol of peace and is considered sacred by many, as it is thought to be the home of Lord Shiva as the god of destruction and Evil and among the gods of Trimurti. Nature has also bestowed a variety of types of beauty in the area of Kedarnath. Numerous nature enthusiasts from all locations visit to experience the splendor of Kedarnath. Before beginning your journey on the Kedarnath Yatra, there are some things that everyone should remember.

  • Warm clothing: Kedarnath gets cold weather throughout the year, regardless of whether the season is winter or summer. It's warm inside the car, and light clothing will be used when you travel to the Kedarnath yatra. However, when you step out of the vehicle, warmer clothes will be needed to keep from the frigid winds that blow through the Himalayas. Take the warmest coat, socks, scarves, and a hat to keep warm.
  • Medicines: As you are aware that Kedarnath is a temple in India. Kedarnath temple is situated at an altitude of 3587 meters over sea level. Therefore, you're likely to get an illness called a cold and then develop an infection. Therefore, you should bring remedies for your cold or fever. It is also important to bring medication for gastrointestinal problems, vomiting, and so on. This will help you during the Kedarnath Yatra and prevent you from being too dependent on other people.
  • Select the appropriate footwear: We suggest you wear hiking boots to walk to Kedarnath temple since you'll be walking around 18 km, and it takes 9 hours to reach the temple. Pick a pair of sneakers that are light, non-slippery, and can assist you in walking in the snow. If you regularly hike, this would be the best investment.
  • Lightweight luggage: If you are only traveling to Kedarnath to take darshan and then return to your home, you need to take a small bag. Since you will be walking many miles during Kedarnath Yatra, if you have too many additional items that you don't need, you'll not be able to enjoy an enjoyable journey. Keep what's essential.

Get your bags packed and start planning the details of your Kedarnath tour by Manchala Mushafir. Make yourself ready for your trip to Kedarnath.