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What are the ways to rank on top of Google search?

Every competition in your field wants to be the first search result that appears when customers search for key terms. But rankings on top of Google search results are determined by many factors. You're aware of the basic strategies to increase your Google ranking. However, aside from these fundamentals, SEO experts of the best digital marketing company have discovered a few techniques to boost Google rankings. Google's algorithm is evolving, so it's critical to stay current. In this article, we have provided below some tried and true methods on how to rank top on Google search and increase website visibility.

  • Choose the keywords for which you want to compete: It is the first strategy to increase your rank in Google search results. You must choose a keyword list that should begin broad and then be narrowed down to the very best keywords for your website and business to compete using analytics. If you choose keywords that are too wide and competitive to compete for and don't receive enough traffic, your campaign will fail before it begins.
  • Increase the length of your content: You can also improve your Google ranking by producing more lengthy content. Google wants to provide consumers with helpful information, and longer content is regarded to be more in-depth and provides a full description of the issue. So, sites that meet this criterion have a better chance of achieving a high rank. Furthermore, longer content improves your dwell time and receives more engagement. 
  • Create internal links: An internal link is a hyperlink that leads to another page within the same domain. They aid Google in identifying and indexing your web pages. So, you must concentrate on generating internal links. Internal links should ideally be placed near the top of the page. It can also aid in decreasing your bounce rate. 
  • Use Google Analytics: Google Analytics is one of the best techniques to boost your Google website ranking. With this tool, you can monitor your website's sign-ups and conversions, traffic patterns, site speed, keywords, and other characteristics. If you are taking SEO services, then Google Analytics is undoubtedly installed on your website. If it has not been installed yet, learn how to set it up and utilize it as quickly as feasible. Remember that Google prioritizes sites that provide positive user experiences and ranks them higher in SERPs. If your site has all the measures of the best user experience, it will be considered beneficial to users, and all these matrices are available in Google Analytics.
  • Add buttons for Social Sharing: Social media marketing increases the visibility of your work and allows you to reach a larger audience. As more people see your content on social media, they are more likely to click on the link to view it, increasing traffic to your website. Thus, it improves Google search results. 

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