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What are the main differences between orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry?

If you're looking to enhance how your teeth appear, the dentist you choose to see will depend on the goals you wish to change. If you're thinking about cosmetic or orthodontics, You might be wondering if they're similar to each other. In this article, we'll give you the answer and then compare cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. This can help you make an informed choice about the dentist in Kolkata.
What is cosmetic dental care?
It is a wide variety of dental procedures that are used to restore or replace damaged or missing teeth. Cosmetic dentistry can address more than just teeth flaws. It is able to completely alter their appearance giving the patient a smile they've thought of only. The appearance of chipped, damaged, discolored, or deformed teeth are among the most frequently treated issues.
The advantages of cosmetic dental care

  • It aids in getting rid of discoloration and stained teeth and creates the appearance of a whiter, brighter smile with teeth whitening.
  • Cosmetic dentistry helps in improving teeth by replacing missing teeth. It also helps in the recovery of functions that have been lost.

Is orthodontics a thing?
Orthodontics is a type of dentistry that offers an all-encompassing, less invasive treatment for difficult problems with alignment. The orthodontist can correct the majority of mechanical problems that affect jaws and teeth using braces.
The advantages of orthodontics

  • Overcrowding is when there's too little space in the jaws for adult teeth to grow to be in the same direction as existing teeth. Orthodontists can realign teeth by using braces.
  • There is a chance that you're having difficulty swallowing or snoring as a result of problems with your jaw and teeth that orthodontic treatment may be able to help with.

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