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Uber for Courier - a profit online logistics courier service app

In ancient times one way of effective communication was the pigeon post by homing pigeons. pigeons were put in a cage and were taken to many destinations and when the need arrived for a message to be sent the pigeons would fly back to their homes and give the messages. It was a modern and vital means of communication in those times.

And the following recognized method was our post and parcel services that were effective for some time in the digital era. However, the rapid growth of technology needed an exponential pace with logistics service to match this modern world's developments. In search of a practical modern solution, the courier app development found its digital base with smartphone applications.

The digital platforms have been more than effective for many existing logistics service agencies.The logistics services market started to boom after many logistic giants opted for the digital platform for extended growth and reach. This incalculable growth created the buzz around the digital scripts. It was loud enough for many entrepreneurs and startups to invest in them and begin their profitable business for the local communities.

The on-demand app courier app development has made a name for its scalable script and easy-to-launch business model. The logistic app has a very simple user interface, and with the latest features, it offers the users the best in class user experience. Since its the features that enable the user to have a seamless functioning, let's take a look at a critical few

Request vehicle - the users depending on the size of parcels, can request the vehicles for the service.

Tracking - the users can track the status of their parcels via the logistic app until the time of its delivery.

Courier price - the estimated prices depend on the users choice of vehicles and parcels. Size, the distance of target destination and the type of Courier.

Multi-payment gateway - the users can choose from the various payment options as per their convenience.

In-app notifications - the users are regularly notified about the parcel status and the discounts and vouchers' information.