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Top Casio Watches Review & Comparison

Submitted by alexsamuel on Fri, 06/18/2021 - 04:40

Casio Collection Men's Watch W-800HG-9AVES

For people who practice sports, this model from the CASIO brand is what is needed.

It weighs 37 g with a bracelet and a dial made of black resin, giving the watch real resistance.

The watch has two buttons on the right and two more on the left. These buttons allow you to use several functions on the watch: The stopwatch to measure the time, the countdown for the countdown, the alarm to schedule the reminder. It is also possible to display the time in 2 different time zones. The LED lighting of the dial is present there and allows a display of the time even during the night.

Its water resistance is very satisfactory, it is 10 bars, which allows you to keep it in the shower and even during a deep swimming session. But the model is not made for scuba diving.

Square shape

Material: Case (resin), strap (resin)

Weight: 37g

Digital display and LED lighting
Bracelet and dial (black)
Water resistance
10 bars
Multiple alarm, calendar stopwatch

Two time zones available

Usable for swimming, and other sports

impossible to scuba dive

Casio Collection Unisex Watch F-91WM

This CASIO watch is a beautiful accessory to accompany you during your various activities. It is suitable for both men and women. It has a fairly stylish design, a dial colored in blue and a strap colored in black. Both are made from resin, so quite flexible on the wrist with a weight of only 21g. If necessary, several modes can be used on this watch. You have the date display, the presence of a reminder alarm and a chronograph. Lighting is possible on the side of the dial allowing night use. There are three buttons in all to use these functions. The water resistance is low, it is 3 bars. Because of this, the watch is simply resistant to sweat and splashing rain.

Shape: rectangle

Material: Case (resin), strap (resin)

Weight: 21g

Digital display and side lighting
Bracelet (black), dial (blue)
Water resistance
3 bars
Integrated alarm, stopwatch and calendar

very light 21 g only

well-styled design

not suitable for swimming