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That's what a woman in her 40s or 50s should wear

Submitted by blueandred on Sun, 11/07/2021 - 23:20

Women of every age can find outfits that let their personality shine, but the most important thing is to find, explore and learn how to put together outfits so that we can learn from our failures. The following are the most suitable for women in their 40s and 50s to wear, decent and senior, clothing shaping is not exaggerated, collocation link is not cumbersome, let you easily show thin show atmosphere.
1, wide up and close down
There are many factors to be measured between clothes, and the formation of each other's contour should be well coordinated. After all, the collocation mode of top width and bottom width is not suitable for people with average figure to learn from, and it is easy to make the original not outstanding ratio look worse. Can use directly on wide the program that receives next, will undertake the key of leg ministry respect emphasizes and decorate.
Specifically, this dress is a prime example. The style of the upper body is loose, the layout of the cloak is loose and comfortable, but it does lack the outline of the curve. Can cooperate conical pants below or it is the pants outfit of straight canister pants and so on, design won't be too big, can show the agile feeling of leg model fluent feeling and line.
The collocation mode of upper width and lower closure, that is, the combination of slightly slim-fitting lower clothes and wide and big coat, reflects the good personal figure, and will not show the effect of fat because the two kinds of clothing are relatively loose and large. Concrete operation, can use all kinds of single products to achieve such a collocation mode.
Inside this dress, the sweater on the upper body is very loose, the color is very basic, very square, can be used in many casual occasions. The trouser outfit of the lower part of the body, let the female leg leg line describe clearly come out, look at more show leg long, also can appear leg model is very straight.
2, color continuity
Many women over the age of 40, when choosing clothes, will use a variety of fancy pieces superimposed on the body, especially in winter, such a dress mode, in fact, will lead to not a neat effect, it is difficult to show the magnificent beauty. In the use of color, there must be continuity. This is to prevent too many personality colors from being added, filling the image with highlights that are hard to blend together.
This one is worn build, there is continuity very much on the application of color, because the coat of the coat and the trouser outfit of matching lower half body belong to same kind of type, they are earth color, can build give tacit understanding to cooperate. Add inside take knitting sweater shape structure to have a bit of design feeling, can get rid of drab feature, wear characteristic.
Some women in the construction of wear, will spend a lot of time, mainly there is no target to choose color, collocation is also a little headache. Although suit the colour of middle-aged female to have a lot of, but some too bright, too flowery, too mingyan can avoid first, you had higher match color level, ability can undertake attempt. The pairing of black and white often creates an effortless simplicity.
Like this look, there is continuity between colors, from the down jacket and boots on the coat to the turtleneck and trousers underneath.
Black and white can also create a lot of shapes, mainly reflected in the choice of clothing style is not unified, the use of pants is not consistent, these can create a change, and such a wear structure is the most convenient.
The single item of the coat is white, and the clothing and trousers can be black, so that it will look slimmer. Moreover, the continuity between the black knitted sweater and trousers can play a more elongating role in the body shape, and the slimming effect will be more sufficient.
The reason why the color has continuity is to prevent women from excessively pursuing rich pictures while ignoring the composition of concise sense when choosing colors. Women in their 40s and 50s don't need to be too flashy, but basic colors are perfectly adequate.
For example, the gray lamb coat and gray skirt match, can reflect warmth side, can show elegant charm. But also can use the skirt high waist design to highlight proportion, more show thin.
3. Wear a belt for more flexibility
It's easier for women to create more flexibility and more ways to work with items with a belt than with a blazer with a very loose silhouette.
No matter length, can use a girdle to join, achieve the effect that decorates to proportion. Like this short coat, its belt is not completely tied, but reflects the effect of the collection, so wear up without a sense of bondage, but can play a beautification role on the figure.
If short money coat has girdle, natural icing on the cake, but the coat of long money style, had better still have girdle to join, reflect the lithe that shows bodily form more easily so, lest dress superposition and cause overgrown and fruity visual effect.
This long grey coat is elegant and dignified for a woman in her 40s and 50s. Wear a high belt, slim style and basic color to create a flattering hemline. The silhouette of the whole dress spreads out like an umbrella skirt, which can not only block the leg shape, but also show elegant temperament.Read more at: formal dress shops | long formal dresses