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Super duplex ball valve manufacturer

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Submitted by Valvesonly on Tue, 06/15/2021 - 02:49

Valvesonly Europe is a leading Super duplex ball valve manufacturer Italy with our manufacturing unit and warehouse in Italy and Germany. We supply valves globally with our global presence. Super duplex valves are used in highly corrosive medium. The physical, chemical and mechanical properties of super duplex mates it right fit.

Below are the valves available in Super duplex material
- Ball valve
- Gate valve
- Globe valve
- Butterfly valve
- Check valve
- Plug valve
- Customised valves Other valves are available based on customisation.

Body: Super Duplex Stainless Steel, F55.
Class- 150-2500, PN25 to PN450
Size – 1/2" to 24"
Ends: Flanged, Buttweld, Socketweld, Threaded
Operations: Lever Operated, Handwheel, Electric and Pneumatic Actuated

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