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Static Safe Environment

Three Important Products In Our ESD Testing Department Online
Staying on top of the level of electrostatic discharge (ESD) within your workplace will be vital for the safety of your staff and equipment. There are plenty of ways this can be done, but to ensure you remain in the loop and have the chance to reduce the level of ESD you will need testing kits.
At Anti-Static ESD we have become a leading provider of ESD products which are ideal for all types of premises. We have a vast array of ESD testing products that can help you to regularly test and record the level of ESD within your workplace. Static Safe Environment
What type of ESD testing equipment is perfect for your workplace?
Depending on your specific environment, you can be certain of finding the right product for your specific needs. This collection of ESD testing equipment includes:
ESD Surface Resistance Meter: This handy kit allows you to measure surface resistivity and resistance to ground using 10v/100v.
Digital static locator: The LCD display allows you to actively seek out static quickly and effectively. With a built-in distance indicator, the system will reduce the time taken to identify the build up of static within any setting.
Personnel Static Charge Visualiser: It’s important that you regular check on the electric charge present in your personnel. This simple device can help to visualise and drain the static to the ground with ease.
If you would like to find out more about our ESD testing equipment, get in contact with us today.
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