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Spending too much on Startup Names?

Before we begin the discussion, let’s first understand the term expensive. It differs from person to person and same would be the case for all the startups. It would totally depend upon your budget, whether something is expensive or not.

Not only Startup Names but even while purchasing any of the goods, it is generally a mentality that only expensive or branded products are durable and of a good quality. In most cases it is even true, however, like it is always said “exceptions are always there”, you would still come across products which are good enough with a comparatively lower cost.

Same is the situation with business names. Considering only expensive options while looking for business brand names would not be a good idea. Your choice should not be constraint only by cost.
Adding more cost is just not good enough a reason to explain that startup name has an added advantage. It is just the way seller portrays it.

Being a founder of your business, you should first be absolutely clear about your requirements in terms of startup names. It would be a great ideal to first list down all your requirements and then evaluate all the available options with regards to the listed criteria. The business name which fulfills all or maximum requirements should be the best choice, no matter whether it is the most expensive one or the least.